Thursday, August 03, 2006

Gore doesn't look so crazy now, does he?

Geez, global warming anyone? anyone? OH we had a big rain and thunderstorm last night and this morning is positively lovely outside. I sure hope the rest of the country gets this cooler weather soon. It's scary seeing all these people DYING from the heat right and left.

I cast on for Sizzle last night with my red cotton and was debating back and forth on what size to make. ALL my cotton sweaters I've made (ok so I've made ONE, but you get the point) turn out bigger than they should be. I made a REAL gauge swatch. A big one, almost 4 inches square. I even WASHED it. Seriously. I was doing laundry anyway and threw it into the batch. I measured and measured. I changed needles and did it AGAIN. I think the planets must all be out of alignment now, that's probably how we got the cooler weather. It's just wrong, I tell you, for me to be that frikkin organized. wrong wrong wrong. WELL I got gauge SPOT ON and started in. I knit and even measured as I was knitting along and held it up against me and realized after about 4 inches of the back that it's um, TOO WIDE again. cripes almighty. I've heard over and over that cotton sweaters end up migrating wider and wider as they're worn and washed and I want this one to be form fitting, so I picked up some needles 2 sizes too small and frogged and recast on. I'm just finishing the seed stitch border on the back and am about to start the stockinette stitching, I'll check it in a while and see what happens.

I also have the first 3 inches of lace pattern done on the bikini bottom front. I am adding about 2 1/2 inches to the front AND back to see if it can actually cover the goods (have you SEEN the picture of the bottoms, even on skinny minny models it made me cringe). Call me crazy, but though I AM making a teeny weeny itsy bitsy bluu-uu-uu-ue suede bikini to wear on the other side of the earth where no one knows me, I'd rather not make people cry. Thanks to Rina for sending her notes along for what she did on the dreaded bikini. Her completed one looks GREAT!

Got to go, work is calling, headache is headaching and the kids are bouncing off the walls. Not much knitting ahead today, but we're heading to the lake, so I'll hopefully get something done this weekend.

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