Thursday, June 02, 2005

They're baaaaaaaaack.....

You know, I ALWAYS look forward to the visits of our owners from Florida. always. Actually I stress for no reason what-so-ever, each time thinking I'm soon to be removed from my job and all crazy and then they get here, they do their thing, smile nicely at me and leave. Still, I stress. There is a history of them coming to town and people being out of jobs. A major history of that. I need to remember I'm ALL THAT'S FREAKING LEFT... Get over it Christine. What's the worst that could happen anyway???? More time off? a little unemployment? I could go back to school full time. Plus, I'm IT. I could probably dance nekkid on the tables and not get into too much trouble. Don't worry, no nekkid dancing down here. I'm behaving myself plus that's a little too much cellulite to be bouncin around in public. It's just a bit stressful anyway. I do like these people, they just stress me out.

No knitting news here. I am officially accepted into my little art fair and am all happy and SO behind on knitting stuff for it. Thanks Miss SanAntonio, the fuzzy wuzzy hairy bag was kind of a creation I was experimenting with. I think I like it too!

Welcome back to blogland, Miss Amanda and Miss Liz! We missed you ladies!

I think we need some motivational quotes today! Here's what came up on my little flippy calendar the last few days plus a couple of my old favorites. I apologize if I've posted them before. I'm a quote-ho, can't help it.

Late birds get worms while early birds get tired.
--Judith Viorst

You can be better dressed when you own a lot of stuff.
--Helen Gurley Brown

I feel sure that no girl would go to the altar if she knew all.
--Queen Victoria

I always want more. That's me. I'm a bitch.

Hair has always been important.
--Diana Ross

For her fifth wedding, the bride wore black and carried a scotch and soda.
--Journalist Phyllis Battelle, describing millionairess Barbara Hutton's marriage

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