Friday, June 03, 2005

minty fresh

So, I'm all domestic last night. Doing laundry, cooking dinner (YES, cooking), kids are playing, everyone's happy. I sit down and knit on the most BORING bag in the world. What was I thinking getting dark brown and black yarn? BORING and hard to see at night. cripes. Anyway, watched my boys in blue SWEEP the Yankees. woo hoo Royals! The dream is alive! Apparently I was not paying enough attention and didn't check the pockets of my jean capri's and SOMEHOW one of those BRAND NEW pocket packs of listerine monster mint tabs that melt on your tongue went through the wash. Yup, my entire load of laundry is MINTY fresh and smelling STRONG....cripes. Of course, I didn't rewash them, nope. I'm not that domestic. So, this morning my breath smells like spicy breakfast burrito and my clothes smell like mint. God, I'm a dork.

I'm meeting Jeff's sister tonight. She's the protective little sister who is looking out for his best interests AND she's pregnant. Great. I've casually met his folks twice now and she thinks he's avoiding her as we haven't run into her yet. He said, "let's just stop by and have a few beers and she can meet you." She's a beer drinking woman that's PREGNANT and can't drink. So, she thinks we're avoiding her, she's pregnant and hormonal, AND we're going to drink beer in front of her that she can't have. Yup, it should be a nice evening. I told him we're at least bringing a fruit smoothie or shake or something for her. wish me luck.

Bigwigs didn't make it into the office yesterday, so things were pretty quiet. Miss L's last day. I'm really happy for her as she's found a great job at a stable company with a LOT more $$. Our new part-time college girl is having MAJOR stress as they hired her for a part-time answer the phone, file and do a few things job and now pretty much said, learn everything this full-time employee did in a week PLUS the job you were hired for. She was a bit stressed yesterday so we had a talk and I told her just do what she can and anything else she gives to me or just DOESN'T DO. period. Sure hope she stays.... I'm telling you, if she goes, I'm working from HOME.

Got my toes "did" yesterday and I'm feeling good. Thank GOD for pedicures. They are one of my favorite things in life. Got my sessy toes workin, looking good! Bella's in Olathe is the BEST! They have the GOOD chairs that vibrate AND do the rolling up & down your back thing and recline, people that KNOW what they're doing, they CLEAN everything, massage your legs & tootsies like a motherbugger, and do the BEST little flower decorations, every time is different, like little works of art on my big toes. Thank you Miss Teresa for sending me to them! Plus, my new honey likes my sessy toes and soft feet, I get good footrubs out of the deal...always a good thing.

Countdown to Florida: 9 days

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