Monday, June 06, 2005

Funniest post of the day..

OK, I almost wet myself on this one.....the pine trees, oh holy hell. go read. enjoy. smile. I don't feel so bad now.

Purlsb4swine's scrapbook adventure

OK, so I'm all excited about the trip to Florida to see my baby bro (Countdown = 6 days!) and I go check out things to do in their little town....I saw a cool wilderness tour and go read....If you wish to experience the thrill of meeting panthers, Florida cracker cattle, birds, and dozens of wild alligators face to face, then this tour is a must. All that is in a "specially built swamp buggy". OK, anyone else out there think this is a VERY BAD idea for me and the chitlins? I'm thinking strange enough stuff happens to us on our way through Target. I'm not heading out to become Panther and Gator Bait. PLUS you get to pay $17.50 apiece to be Gator Bait AND it doesn't include lunch. nope. not me.

Next on the list is bird watching, hiking and camping. I'm sure there's an abundant amount of birds in the swamplands but I think I'd rather buy a postcard and there's NO dawn hikes in this chic's itinerary.

The carribean gardens zoo actually looks better than our good ol' KC Zoo. That could be a good afternoon activity. PLUS you get to cruise past islands of lemurs, monkeys and apes. In a BOAT, not a "swamp buggy" how cool is that?

Shelling on Marco Island looks cool, but apparently if you walk out on a sandbar and don't time things right, you get stuck out there at high tide. I'm going to have to make sure to figure out when the hell to get my little family back on the damn beach. Can't you just see the rescue mission now? cripes.

OK, I am not sure if I am doing this thing or not, but I've at least got to buy the shirt...Jungle Erv's Airboat World, tours of the Everglades.... That just sounds cool.

SIX FREAKING DAYS until I'm on a beach. We're wearing our swimsuits onto the plane under our clothes and we're going DIRECTLY to the beach from the airport. I plan to have a margarita in my hand, sand in my suit and all will be good.

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