Thursday, June 16, 2005

Florida was AMAZING!!!!

I'm back, barely, doing laundry and packing for our next trip (tomorrow am) AND I've got to go see my honey tonight (he's making me dinner) also.... so no post today....I've got PICS and GOODIES and STORIES galore!

I also got my secret pal package in the mail and she is TOO FREAKING COOL...more details later, I promise!

My trip in a nutshell: beach every day, body board surfing, did you know sand dollars are hairy, dolphins, freaky Italian man that wouldn't leave us alone "verra verra bootiful woman...", STRING BIKINI baby, sand castles, sea shells, islands, gambling in interational waters (bucket of bolts on water in a storm with almost no view of land on the horizon), and I WANNA GO BACK!!!!!

That's it, I'm out of here people, I've got undies and swimsuits to wash & fold & repack!

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