Tuesday, June 28, 2005

lots of feet in the dungeon welcoming me back

The pitter patter of little feet down in dungeonland are not those of merry little children, visiting, nope. Not those of new employees, nope. Part-time girl is still there. She had me worried as she showed up in the same black pantsuit she wore to OUR interview so I thought she may have been working on finding another job, but now she's there, with hair dyed as bright pink/red/metallic as you've ever seen, flip flops and jeans with parts cut out and bright green ribbon lacing them up the sides. Not quite the shy little blond "Oh, I tried to go away to college, but after one semester I missed my mom so much I had to come home...you see, we're best friends....." now. Now she talks about which titty bars are the fully nekkid ones and how those only serve juice while if they keep a string up their butts, you can serve alcohol. wooooo hooooo. That meshes well with Preacher man/bossman. Actually, she's pretty good at doing all the stuff we have, TOO good actually. Maybe I should get her addicted to blogging, she keeps coming back and saying "I'm done with that, now what can I do?" until we have NOTHING left for her to do. How hard is it to surf the net a bit? read a damn magazine? anyone? jeez.

BACK to the little feet, sorry. I sat down at the desk, pulled my little envelope with a paycheck in it from my inbox, and this BIG ASS COCKROACH with serious ATTITUDE jumped out at me. EEEEWWWWW. It was dancing around at me like it was saying "what 'cha gonna do biotch?" at me. It was not pleasant. I miss the good ol' days of killing crickets and roly polies in the kitchen, not having big ass nasty bugs jumping out at me. and on my desk MY DESK.....eeeewwwwww!! I cleaned that puppy inside and out when I moved over there, and I swear I'm not a dirty person, no food near there....eeeewwwww. The place is a hole. I've finally convinced bossman that we should PROBABLY do something before I run screaming from the basement never to return. He said he'd bug bomb next weekend. ick ick ick.

Our beloved President is speaking to the nation tonight with a "clear strategy" for Iraq. hmmmm. I haven't decided if I can watch it or not. So far, my cousin count is good, 2 army, 1 air force, 1 contractor all still alive in Iraq. Let's hope the "clear strategy" includes getting all our family members home alive and as little-emotionally scarred as possible. The Illustrated Daily Scribble is particularly good today, go see it.

Knitting news, I made TWO, count 'em TWO sophie bags, and am going to felt them today, I'm so stinking excited. I know they're little bitty things when done, but I thought they'd look good with some felted flowers attached. I'm forcing myself to use some of my stash as I'm TOO FREAKING POOR after vacationing, gambling and all the rest.

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