Monday, June 06, 2005

I think I skated by...

I just got smart and deleted my last post rambling on about how I apparently ruffled some feathers of the powers-that-be last Friday. Let's just say I'm still employed and am keeping my big fat mouth SHUT in the future. :)

I'm apparently an idiot. My clapotis is not progressing too quickly. OK, it's actually been restarted 4 times. One two three FOUR times and now it's maybe 3 inches long. WHY is it so hard for me to do a purl front & back? I don't know. I'm an idiot. I'm going to have to stop by a LYS and have some nice soul sitting knitting show me what the FUXX I'm doing wrong as I'm getting a bit pissy. I'm SO JEALOUS of Colleen as she made the dang thing for less than what I paid for ONE of my THREE skeins. See what happens when I get a bug up my butt and HAVE to make something IMMEDIATELY???? I need to learn patience....yeah right. I can dream anyway. I got frustrated and went back to knitting on the world's most boring colored bag instead. cripes.

I wanna make the xback tank too. I think that'd be a good vacation knit. I'm going to run by the LYS and see what kind of ribbon yarn I can find to make it too!

My honey's still sweet as can be. I can't believe I'm not freaking out and/or getting totally bored with this guy. My dad was so funny. Dad & I were driving the kids out for Beth's big soap box derby car inspection and practice day yesterday afternoon. Dad was talking about how he and mom really like Jeff and they think he's a very nice man. I said, Dad, don't worry, we're NOT going to rush into anything. (I have a history of an ex-husband PLUS a divorce from a mini-marriage of 6 months) I like him, he likes me, but we both like our lives and are not going to get into anything major for a LONG time. Dad said, "we just don't want any more D's, so if you decide to do something, just try it out for a while first." Daddy telling me to shack up in sin? LOVING that. You'd have to know my dad to see the humor in that. He's such a sweet and very Catholic man. He actually gave me "the talk" the night before my wedding that there's a lot of pressure on that first wedding night "If you kids are tired, you don't have to do anything. Your first time together as man and wife should be because you are ready to share yourselves, not because you think you have to do something...." Yes, my daddy thought I wore a white wedding gown for a reason. Sweet, isn't it? (Yes, I was actually a tramp. we all know that. my daddy doesn't. Let's leave it that way.)

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