Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I MAY be shopping at the Fiesta Yarns Outlet Store!!!

NOT ONLY am I going to the BEACH in Florida in 5 days, but a few days after returning home from that trip, I'm flying with the kids to Albuquerque NM so Joey and Beth can see their Dad and all the family, Beth will stay for her 4 weeks of summer visit and Joey will return home with me after the weekend. BUT momma's staying near Old Town, Alb. and EATING and laying by the pool and SHOPPING, or I would be if the damn bank had not paid SW Airlines TWICE for our 3 tickets. Yes, twice. Of course everyone realizes it is a mistake, but no one knows who needs to start the dispute process to get little momma her $$$$ back. I have PLACES to go dammit and YARN TO BUY dammit dammit dammit! or is it damnit damnit damnit? Man, where's a good dictionary when you need one???

IF I get my freaking $$ refunded, here's where I'm going for an ENTIRE DAY I swear to all that is holy....Fiesta Yarns Outlet Store in Rio Rancho, NM. I may just DIE if I don't have any $$ to spend there.... Oh crap, I just realized they're only open M-F 10:00-4:30 and my flight doesn't get in until after noon. I think I'll have the ex-inlaws drop me at the store and make my way to the hotel afterwards. Yup,that's the plan! Man, I'm glad I saw that or I would've been REALLY pissed showing up Sat. am and looking through locked doors.

There's also a plethora of LYS's in Albuquerque I need to hit Saturday. I'm only going to be there from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, so it will be a MAJOR freaking shopping express. If I have no $$ then I'll be a sad sad woman knitting from my stash *sob* by the pool. reading. relaxing. taking in the whole SW experience but with no new yarn. so very sad. good food, though.

I've decided I'm bringing clapotis on the plane, but need to get my wooden circs for the trip to be all official.

Everyone's concerned, but no one's getting the bucks back in my bank account. I'm not stressed, nope, not me. I believe in the system......yeah freaking right. I'm TRYING to be patient. I was patient all day yesterday when I found the error. I was patient all night long while waiting for the business day to end and the errors to be corrected. I'm NOT VERY DAMN PATIENT any longer. NOW I'm waiting a bit pissily until noon. At one o'clock, somebody'd better be getting working on this. Heads will roll. Damn travel agents and bank customer service reps and major airlines that don't care anymore. damn damn damn

On the plus side, I'm having a very good hair day, amazing with our 90% humidity. Good hair doesn't buy the yarn, though.

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