Thursday, November 30, 2006

I love Kansas!

Where else could you have your kids playing outdoors in SHORTS in 73 degree weather on Tuesday and the world covered in ice and sparkling white and in the 20's on Wednesday? I would absolutely go INSANE living in California or somewhere pretty where the air was always mild. Ok, so I'd enjoy the hell out of myself in the sunshine, but still, I'd eventually miss the changing of the seasons.

Kids are on a snow day today. It's supposed to snow a little bit this afternoon, we're supposed to miss the brunt of the storm, which is predicted to dump a foot of snow in the Ozarks. I'm working up in the office to the sounds of the kids playing go fish downstairs, the fire is burning in the woodstove, the house is toasty and I have wool socks on all three of us. It's loverly.

I did what any other good midwesterner did preparing for the storm...gassed up the truck, brought in extra wood into the garage, bought extra water, batteries, food and toilet paper at the store, (why do people always go running for the toilet paper at times of crisis?), charged up the cell phones, drove to the apple store at the Plaza (I killed my 2nd ipod shuffle), charged and loaded it full of music and my podcasts, on my way home from the plaza, my car somehow ended up driving right past the Studio (LYS). Normally the yarn store is ON my list of emergency preparedness sites, but I've got so STINKING much yarn now that I was actually thinking that I did NOT need to go there. It felt really strange to be driving PAST and AWAY FROM the yarn store when the sleet was raining down. I resisted all urges to go in JUST IN CASE, but even if the entire city was frozen in 14 feet of ice for 6 months, I'd still not run out of yarn or projects. I was strong and did NOT stop. Man, it was hard.

I got the green one of THESE along with a cool clear cover that will show off the stylish Martha Stewart/baby poop green that is my very favorite color in the world.

We ended up with just a light coating of ice outdoors and all is well. There's no reason for the poor little shuffles to have died, I loved them so, but it just wasn't meant to be. Apparently I'm the ONLY ONE in the greater kansas city area that's had ANY problems at all with them. They gave me credit towards the big green monster and I love it. It, too, is loverly.

Working on another pair of socks for Jeff, he wears the heck out of the two pair I've made him and I think it's sweet. It's such a nice feeling to knit something you know will be loved and WORN! He's traveling and due back tonight.

Sahara is out! I'm there, baby. I mistakely said it was by Glampyre as it resembled the Simple Knitted Bodice a bit, but it's by Wendy Barnhard, my other favorite designer, she of Knit and Tonic fame... Sizzle, Somewhat Cowl, and on and on and ON! I really REALLY won't use the damn Tilli Thomas yarn called for, but want something a bit slinkier and prettier than the Elsebeth Lavold silky tweed I used last time. Anyone got any good ideas of a yarn substitute? My knitting funk is officially over!

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