Friday, November 10, 2006

NaKniSweMo & Happy Birthday to my favorite girl in the world!!!

OK, so I didn't do the nanowrimo this year, but thought this was the coolest thing ever! Ok, so it's half-way through November, but what a great idea. Go knit yourself a sweater!

I *heart*

Just leave me with some needles, some yarn and my ipod. I'll be happy. And some chocolate. And beer.

OH Big ass sale at the Studio here in KC! This weekend, Nov 11th and 12th is Cindy's Son Matthew's Sale where everything is 25% off if you bring a hand knitted hat or gloves for an infant, toddler or child to dontate. You could whip up a little hat in NO TIME! Go get you some stuff.

Anyone thinking of doing the January knitting weekend retreat at the Elms? There's info on their fall class schedule. I probably couldn't do both the getaway and the socks that rock club, I'm afraid the socks club may win this one.

Happy birthday to my daughter Elizabeth! She turns TEN years old today. Double digits, baby! I swear it wasn't so long ago she was this little tiny baby with bright red hair that stuck straight up and the biggest blue eyes you ever saw. She's turning into such an amazing young woman. I'm so proud to be your momma Elizabeth!

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