Monday, November 13, 2006

freaking ipod

i-pods, i-pods, freakin frackin ipods
i-pods, i-pods, eat them up, yum.

So the damn thing quits working. Not entirely, just enough to PISS ME OFF BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION!!! I get myself nice and hooked on some knitting podcasts. SERIOUSLY enjoying myself. I'm even out in the yard raking leaves, exercising in the out of doors ON PURPOSE because I enjoy them so much. WALKING, heck, I even JOGGED for 4 minutes straight the other day. (my old record was 2 minutes straight) ALL BECAUSE OF THE DAMN PODCASTS.

You know, if it just totally quit, it would be one thing. No, this little bastard is just screwing with me. It'll work perfectly well for about 20 minutes sometimes. Then just shuts off. Nothing. I turn it off, wait 5 seconds like it says on the stinking website, turn it back on and, um, NOTHING. Oh, wait. sometimes I have this cute little red blinking light just blinking its ass off at me. nice. Other times it'll work until I hit the pause button once, then it won't come back on. Each time I plug the little booger back on its little pad thing and it will reset and work for anywhere from 8 to 45 minutes before finding a new and different reason to shut off and DO NOTHING.

I've gone through ALL the steps it gives on the website. I've got the most up to date version of the software. I've reset the damn ipod four times. Each time it works for a little bit. I click the little stop the thing for a safe unplugging each time. rrrrrrrgggghhhh Not fun.

I'd call for help, but you only get one phone call. Hmmmm like getting arrested, huh? The one phone call I actually already did, but the help desk guy was so frustrated and couldn't get it figured out and felt sorry for me and erased my call off my record so I get one more. woo hoo. He hadn't even seen one of the new mini shuffles yet. nice. I'm going to have to head down to the Apple store on the Plaza tomorrow and beg for help. I love this little thing, but it's really getting on my nerves. Can't tell, can you? It's almost enough to make me want to switch to the original shuffle instead of this teeny tiny new shuffle that I love. Maybe it's not so great to buy the newest little toy since apparently all the bugs haven't been worked out yet.

ANYWAY, thanks for the bday wishes, we had a lovely weekend. Elizabeth did her jump around and go crazy party on Friday night with all the girls in her class and Joey and one of his friends. Thirteen 10 year old girls all giggling in the small party room after the crazy time was a thing to behold! Fun was had by all.

Sat. Jeff (my boyfriend) took Beth to the Oak Park mall to shop together for her present from him. They were gone for almost four hours. I love that man, hell, I couldn't of done the mall with my daughter for four hours and I gave birth to the kid. He came home looking like a war veteran, quite shell shocked but proud of completing his duties. He later said, "I didn't even know there were that many stores in the mall." Apparently he survived Libby Lu's, Limited Too, Children's Place, Gap for Kids, Dillards (both north and south), Claire's Boutique, the candy shop and more that he couldn't even remember. They came home with the cutest little denim jacket that's fitted and has dark blue eyelet lace around all the edges and a little silver necklace with a dolphin pendant and a handful of scrunchies. They also bought ME a beautiful very fluffy very warm and squishy and wonderful and GREEN robe that I loved!

Sat. night the boy took me out to dinner at the remodeled EBT restaurant where we got to eat in one of the elevator rooms, very cool. We listened to some jazz there while eating and then went over to BB's Blues & BBQ over on 83rd and Troost. I really did MUCH better on the whole not-drinking-like-a-stupid-20-yr-old thing. I only had 2 glasses of wine at dinner, quite respectable. And at the Blues room I was sticking to a couple of beers. Then, somehow, my brain shut off and the shot (that JEFF was trying to buy me and some friends at the table) suddenly I thought, you know, I think a shot called an oatmeal cookie WOULD taste good. Sure, why not? At least I kept it to the ONE shot, and then one hot damn later. OH and did I tell you I didn't have ANY of my fabulous chasers pills? It's been so long since we've gone out on the town, I totally forgot I needed them. Only a moderate hangover with light headache and a little shakiness on Sunday. Considering I thought I was going to DIE the day after the bday last year, this year wasn't too bad.

Beth had her first concert with this singing group she's in and it was FABULOUS! Then dropped Joey off at a birthday party, ran home and cleaned the bathrooms, Jeff had sweetly vacuumed the house and dusted and decluttered, and iced the bday cake for our joint bday party for Elizabeth and me with all our family at our house at 7pm. Let's just say it was a LONG weekend but a very sweet and fun one.

Finished one sock for Elizabeth and need to work on the other. I have all kinds of projects roaming around in my brain, but none of them seem ready to be worked on, so I'm just sticking with my socks for now.

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