Thursday, November 02, 2006

Guess what the Fed Ex man gave me this morning???

OH MY GOD I am so freaking excited, you can't even imagine!!! I'm FINALLY trying to get with it technologically now. Yes, well, um, the blog is still, um, cookie cutter and PINK (*urgh* I'm so NOT a pink girl) but I GOT ME AN IPOD!!! Have you ever seen anything cuter??? This thing is TEENY! I had to wait a MONTH but I GOT IT TODAY!!!! OK, I felt like my grandma trying to set the damn thing up and actually get music into it, but I'm getting there. (not the cool grandma that is hip to email, no, the forgetful but sweet but FORGETFUL and 97 years old grandma, that's who I'm acting like today.) I even had to call the 800 apple help desk and the poor guy felt so sorry for me he just told me to go visit the apple store and see if they could help me and he wouldn't penalize me for my ONE free help call. Turns out, um, I had already gotten my tunes onto the damn thing. AND I've just bought the first audio Harry Potter book and am going to download KNITTING PODCASTS TOO! Are you just smelling the technicaliciousness radiating from KS? It even smells musical around here.

Too much halloween candy last night, I'm still on the sugar crash slope to heck. fingers shaking, mind not working, one step away from full-idiot mode, but I've got TUNES baby! MAN, just think of the miles I'll jog, the knitting I'll knit, the stupid horror movies and/or sporting events I'm not so sweet on but want to sit by the honey on the couch and snuggle, I'll be IPODDING myself!

Must get back to work (with my headphones ON baby) and reflect on my amazingness some more. Back to almost normal tomorrow I promise.

Went searching for projects for left-over sock yarn and stumbled on these cool items...started the headband last night.
Pepperknits's hairband

KnitWhimsy's cozy

Gail's Good Yarn's cool striped bias square blanket

Wendy Knits is making a log cabin blanket!

Shelly Kang's Blankie my very VERY favorite!!! She's even got little tutorials and promises that there's a way to deal with all those yarn ends....I'm gonna start me a square and see what happens.

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