Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Quick post

First of all, wasn't the sun shining brighter today? Wasn't the air fresher and children's voices floating on the breeze? Ahhhhhhh, the world just went a bit more in alignment. ROCK ON YOU PEOPLE FOR GETTING OUT THERE AND VOTING FOR A CHANGE!!! I was so stinking excited when I got the morning paper and saw all the voting results. Oh, Phill Phill Phill, so NOT sorry to see you go. Paul Morrison, a man who is known for PROSECUTING CRIMINALS and not using his office for his own personal agenda is now on the job. Ok, enough. Just know that I did a happy dance and you can rhyme a lot with "Phill with 2 L's", especially if you get creative.

OH MY GOD I laughed on this one, remember the tubey from Knitty? My first sweater that I LOVED? This chick made a matching DOG TUBEY SWEATER for her own. Man, if I didn't have kids, I'd totally make my dog a tubey sweater. My poor little dog is gonna be COLD outdoors again this winter, he's in line behind two children and a boyfriend awaiting sweaters.

The podcasts? OH MY GAWD how did I LIVE before this? I've just been knitting my ASS off and cracking up and loving the crap out of them!!!! Thanks for the suggestions ladies! I'm hooked. Teri, you should TOTALLY make your own podcasts! I sat there on the couch, feeling like I was sitting in a group of friends knitting away while I was listening to them. Made me miss my Thursday night group I'm on the fringe of. I'm gonna try to make it this week! Good thing I've not figured out how to go back and listen to back episodes yet, I might never have those earplugs out!

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