Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I always wanted a tattoo or two

Is that cool or what??? Tattoo shirt from Target. It looks so real even up close that I was getting weird looks from some of Jeff's family at their Halloween party until they realized it wasn't real! This is AFTER the night of trick-or-treating, so the heavy metal jewelry that covered up the seams on the shirt, big ass hoop earrings, big ass black leather & metal belt, heavy black boots and most of the makeup and some of the black spiked hair spray is gone, so the big effect is not there. We had a great time! All pictures are after we unloaded the hats & gloves & such, so again lots of details are missing. I'll try to be more organized next year and get the camera out EARLIER!!!

Here's my two:

Here's Jeff's two:

Anyone notice how, um, two of these children look like nice little trick-or-treaters and two, um, look like the creatures you see everyone running away from in the horror flicks? I'm just sayin..... I was seriously monitoring the sugar intake from this picture on. Holy crap-a-mighty!

I didn't catch a picture of Jeff's costume. After going to the hilt last year, he did the look-around-the-house-five-minutes-before-leaving costume creation. He was, and I quote, "a Viking Fisherman." He had two big monster silver swords stuck into beltloops on each side and a big ugly 3-foot long rainbow trout pillow (that Joey got at a garage sale for 25 cents because it was missing one of its eyeballs) pinned to the back of his shirt. He stomped and swung the swords around in a very viking-ish manner. It worked.

While that would be a bit much on the tattoos for me personally, I still always wanted one or two. My friends all got one on their ankles when we went to Mexico for spring break back in college, I was the only one that wimped out. (the needles looked sharp and the guy didn't look all that clean, what can I say? wimp!) Although, now, I'd totally have to get a cool knitty tattoo. Maybe for my 40th bday in 2 years....maybe.

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