Thursday, November 09, 2006

How to know when it's time to shave, 2 stories

Story #1...I get more compliments on my clapotis. I wear it all the damn time. Yes, it was 80 degrees in KC today, but this morning was a little bit chilly, so the clap came out with me. A woman stopped me to ask about the lovely scarf I had around my neck. She oooohed and aaaahed and then said, but how did you get all the little bumps in the design? Pill city. Yup, it's time. Disposable razors, here I come. I feel like such a real knitter. I knit, I frog, I block, I shave.

Story #2...I was kicking through the at least 12 inches of oak leaves on the street on my way up the hill to pick up the kids after school this afternoon. We live on one of those streets with GORGEOUS big old oak trees up and down both sides of the road. Every color of brown and gold, piles and piles and absolutely more than a foot deep everywhere you go. I kept feeling this tickling, itching on my shins. I thought some creepy bug was on me or something. I jumped, looked down and FOUR leaves had been speared by my leg stubble. Jeff's been traveling, so I've gotten a bit lazy lately on the whole leg shaving thing. If I can't see it, I don't worry about shaving it. My sight must be really going because in the sunlight of the afternoon, those leg hairs were SERIOUSLY long and spiky. Good lord. Good thing I didn't use up all those razors in the pack.

Ok sock fanatics. Have you seen this? Rockin Sock club for Socks that Rock? $210 for the year of 2007. That splits up to $34.33 per pair for socks that rock (supposed to be the most sought after addicted sock yarn in the world), patterns and shipping & handling. You can sign up now and not pay until January. HOW COOL IS THAT??? I keep thinking. How can I rationalize this to myself? hmmmmmm I do spend a buttload on sock yarn.... I do enjoy myself a good pair of socks....$34.33 really isn't all that much, considering how much I've spent already on sock yarn of all you get other cool stuff like an emergency sock yarn keychain (I don't know what that is, but I'm sure I need it desperately)....hmmmmmm what do you think?

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