Thursday, November 16, 2006

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Did you hear that Glampyre has another sweater out? I love the look of this one, Sahara and will probably have to make it also (but not with the Tilli Thomas $$$$$$$$expensive yarn! I'm going to have to make this the LAST belled sleeve sweater I make. I LOVE the look of them, but the combination of my clumsiness and those big ass sleeves on the Simple Knitted Bodice are not a good thing. Things I found I could not do in my a chocolate birthday cake, reach across the table without picking up many food items and a flaming candle from the centerpiece, KNIT with dpns (ends kept getting stuck in the sleeves), the list goes on. The look really is fabulous, so I just kept whipping the sweater on & off all day. I think this is more for the going out to dinner in not for the living my life in kind of sweater shape. Yup, gonna think about this one. If I do it in different yarn, I wonder if it'll look different enough from the skb? who knows.

Still in my "not sure what to knit" funk. I just really have this overwhelming need to knit, but can't get excited about anything. SO, I cast on another pair of socks. Now on the needles are Elizabeth's 2nd sock in 2X2 rib with lorna's laces sockyarn and a pair of those socks of doom in the same colorway of koigu kersti that I made for my target, this lovely greenish brownish yarn.

Good links:

From the Pointy Sticks podcast,
Heels by Number a chart for how many stitches to make your heel depending on how many you cast on. I love this one, that way I can kind of wing my own pattern without having to do the math!

an online knitting & crochet magazine, only has one free pattern per issue, but has some good reads in their features and such. The archives are fun to read through too. Here's a link to the knitted swiffer cover. How cool is that? Environmental AND functional!

My new podcast faves (there's many, many more goodies out there, that's just what I've got time to post today.):

Sticks & String

I'm a total idiot. No, really. I didn't realize I could listen to podcasts WITHOUT an ipod. Apparently you can just go to their sites and click the LISTEN button on their posts and listen on your computer! Duh. Well, if any of you didn't realize that, go do it. It's fun, wonderful to knit to and feels like you're sitting at your local stitch N bitch group!

Other tidbits:
Knitting Pattern Central Crochet Pattern Central>

Personal stuff, life is quite boring right now, thank you very much. I kind of like it that way. Kids are busy in school, boyfriend is loving his new job, but working very hard and my job's still cruising right along with the flexibility I need to keep sane. We've been burning a fire in our BIG old fireplace stove insert thing for the last week and it's so nice to have a warm and toasty house without hardly using the furnace at all! I also love the smell of wood fires in the cool autumn air. mmmmmmm. Makes me want to knit more socks. cripes. Got to get off the socks.

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