Monday, November 27, 2006

Big weekend, lots of pictures!

Wooo boy! First of all, a big THANK YOU THANK YOU to my cousin, who took my two children while her inlaws were coming over for their house ALL NIGHT! WOO HOO! I got to go out with grown ups! For Jeff's 40th birthday, he wanted to go to a club that had THREE grateful dead genre bands playing. For those of you non-dead-heads, those songs each last about 20 minutes and don't always have words, and you apparently can't dance WITH the music, you have to dance to the special music playing in your head. We went out with a bit of a biker-kinda crowd, so I was all decked out in my K-mart morning after Thanksgiving sale special black leather & sweater material shirt over a black tank and jeans and HIGH SPIKY black heels. I even broke out the $50 boob job since it was a special occasion. Picture below is my daughter Elizabeth's happy birthday Jeff card made of pipe cleaners. How creative is that kid? I'd never of thought of that.

Saturday we woke up and drove out to Jeff's friend's farm to meet Jeff's cows. We spent the entire day chasing chickens, finding eggs in the nests, climbing tree houses and petting horses and cows. I also learned that not all animals on the farm are cute, sweet and particularly enjoy human beings. One of the horses bit my damn antenna right off the truck (see the red arrow pointing to the stubby little nub that's left.) It was METAL and encased in PLASTIC! WTF?

OK, now the cows. See the pretty cows all eating in a row? Very nice cows. Picture #2 is big momma cow stopping eating to check me and my camera out. Not quite sure of me.... Picture #3 is as I sneak around the side to get a picture of her and her baby calf and the other little one. Notice momma cow's ears? They're pointing BACK. This is a good thing for a city girl to know. Ears going back, RUN LIKE HELL WOMAN! I ended up running for my damn life and having to jump onto the back of the pickup truck (about a 6 foot high leap) to save myself. I barely made it. DAMN! Don't mess with big momma! She even SNORTED at me when she turned and sauntered off.

I have always heard knitters talk about what their particular yarn wanted to be. I honestly thought you guys were all crazy. Until Friday. I have been in a knitting funk lately, went through all my stash and pulled out the lovely hand-dyed 100% silk yarn I'd picked up to make a shawl. It should have grown up to be the shoalwater shawl. I'd started that thing EIGHT times. yes, eight. I thought this was the moment. I'd learned, thanks to Teri, how to read lace charts and was actually DOING it, but it just wasn't clicking. The yarn was being quite obstinate, and NOT getting any bigger. I can't describe it any other way. It was getting pissy. I put it aside, and then went wandering around blogland. It struck me suddenly, my yarn wanted to be Orangina from Glampyre! Now it's behaving itself and growing quite quickly! I'm going to be pushing it on yardage, but you make the lace part of the back, put on waste yarn and then make the lace part of the front, join in a circle and knit the waist ribbing in the round. I'll just knit till I run out of yarn! TOO freaking excited and BACK in the knitting happy place again!

OH, and I ordered some of this. And I totally signed up for their 2007 Socks that Rock club, about 30 seconds after posting that I was interested in finding out more about it. I haven't even TOUCHED this yarn and I can't live without it. So much for the knitting funk.....I'M BACK, BABY!

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