Friday, November 03, 2006

How about a case of the Clap to go with that hangover, honey?

Yes, that's the birthday shawl for my best friend Jildo, um, 8 months late and NOT moving very damn fast. Did my first clapotis take forever? I know it took me a long time to get the hang of the repeating stitch the first time around, but jeez this is thing is mind-numbing until the fun of getting to drop those stitches. Just keep knitting....must keep knitting.... Did everyone but me realize it's said "clap-o-TEE" and not "clap-O-tis"? I've apparently been pronouncing it like Jeff Foxworthy says "the WAL-MART" with twang and all. I've been watching too much of those re-runs of Sherrif Taylor and Aunt Bee in Mayberry.

Hangover, Lord yes. Did we take our chasers? nope. Totally forgot. Let's see, what did we learn last night? We learned that Christine should NOT drink more than 2 glasses of wine. ever. Especially not in the month of November. The last time I had more than 2 glasses of wine, ok a bottle and a half plus tequila shots and too much rich food was my birthday, um, LAST NOVEMBER. Lord, Lord, Lord. I hurt. I'm moving very s.l.o.w.l.y today. You know it's a good hangover when the love of your life says "I don't feel well either" and you say "good" and it really did make me feel better. Hey, the nice sweet girl goes away when the head and the belly and the body feel this bad.

The clap was modeled on our new table in the screened in porch that Jeff built this summer. Here's a couple of shots. It's kind of shaped like an L. Notice the poor shivering tropical plant that needs to come indoors since its not supposed to be in the cold. Maybe when I can bend over without barfing I'll help the thing out.

The last one is a birdhouse hanging just outside the porch that had an actual bird family living in it at the end of the summer. Picture may be blurry, it was taken through the screen. Honey, I'm not walking any farther than I have to today. Good 'nuff.

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