Friday, October 06, 2006

Things to do in KC this weekend

Going for my morning walk in the cool fall weather and, well, my ears were cold. yeah. A knitter with cold ears. Is there nothing sadder? I have NO hats or ear bands or anything. so very sad. I have a cedar chest crammed full of malabrigo yarn and I got nothin. Before I finish my other sleeve I will at least make a ribbed band to wear over my ears. cripes almighty. Hey, I could cover myself in felted bags or sleeveless sweaters, and I do have a scarf and a pair of wrist warmers, so it's not totally pathetic....yeah, it really is. Embarrasing, actually.

Anyone interested in making the simple knitted bodice I've been raving about needs to check out the sexy knitters blog I've got linked with a button on the right. I've gotten more help and ideas and inspiration and yarn choices, etc from reading all these ladies' posts. Right now they're working on both the simple knitted bodice and the sleeveless sweater sizzle.

Cool things going on around KC this weekend...
Missouri Town 1855 Big fun craft festival Sat. & Sun. with activities for the kids, people dying wool in big boiling pots over fires, spinners, native american crafts, FOOD and all kinds of fun. Click the link for info as well as a $2 off coupon. It's only $7/car without the coupon and the food & crafts were pretty reasonably priced. I don't think we'll be able to go this year, but I'm trying to work it in since we had such a good time last year.

Kansas City Chocolate Festival on Sat. at Bartle Hall. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Can't go. Must not go. chocolate samples? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

OctZOOberfest at the KC Zoo. Each weekend they have hayrides and other outdoor activities and crafts as well as the animals which are usually much more active and interesting in the cooler weather. On the 28th and 29th, they have the big trick-or-treat festival which is absolutely INSANE but the kids have a blast.

Home Depot Kids Workshops First Sat. of each month free kid activities. Adult works with kids (and the home depot helpers too) to make cool projects with kits. Kids LOVE it and they get little orange aprons and pins with pictures of the projects they've made. My kids have made step-stools, crayon-holder fire trucks, picture frames, flowerpot planters, all kinds of creations they were quite proud of. FREE and fun. Contact your local store to sign up in advance. I have found the store at 95th & Metcalf to have the best helper staff.

American Royal BBQ Festival OOPS I totally forgot this one. I am hungry just thinking of all that unbelievable BBQ mmmmmmmmmm Thanks for reminding me guys!

OK, I totally enjoyed my morning walk. I was gone for AN HOUR and just loved it. Then I got back and ate an egg, some chocolate milk (love my shatto) and fresh fruit and LIKED IT. This healthy living crap may just start to grow on me. Cripes, even green tea sounds good now.

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