Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Have you ever eaten so many oreos that you shake for an hour and a half? Welcome to my world.

Damn orange middle creams. I was sitting and munching (I KNOW I KNOW BAD IDEA!!!) and instead of putting the FOUR oreos I was going to treat myself with on a plate and putting the rest AWAY I just sat down reading a book (re-reading the Harry Potter series because I am a total dork and I just like them) and was in the good part of the 5th book where the kids are in the ministry of magic fighting the death eaters...pages were flipping, I was munching faster and faster. I ended up eating one and a half of the 3 rows in the package. (ok, at the end I wasn't eating the chocolate cookies, just sucking the white sugar and crisco middles down. OH MY GOD. I am not exaggerating when I say I was shaking for over an hour! I'm still a little shaky this morning. I look like I'm a druggie going through withdrawal. I must be doing something right on this whole eating healthy and exercising crap because in the old days I could've finished off the ENTIRE BAG and still felt fine. Yes, the entire bag. I used to have amazing metabolism that has since fled away. Ate lots of protein and corn at dinner, so am hoping things, um, clear out soon. tmi, sorry.

I'm off to the walk-in clinic to have a major debilitating disease inserted into my body. TB tests, fun, fun, fun! Only because I dearly love my cousin would I do this. (no guilt Miss K, I know I'd ask you to do the same thing for me if I were needing a backup person for my state daycare license too!) I know I'll have to do these again if I ever finish up my teaching degree, they're just a fun part of life. ick ick ICK!

I think I'll bring along the dreaded jaywalker sock to work on while I wait at the dr's office. I've got ONE done and don't think I'll ever finish this other one if I don't force myself. Cute pattern, great looking sock, just a PAIN IN THE ASS to make myself finish. Is it just me or does it take four times as long to make this freaking sock? Must just be me. Ah well. It's a loverly opal yarn in shades of falling leaves, so I'm hoping to have it done before the season's over.

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