Monday, October 16, 2006

Answer: Shaky Legs

Question: What do you get when you mouth off to your personal trainer that you haven't really been feeling the exercises he gave you to practice?

Holy crap I about fell over while trying to sit on the toilet. Not an exaggeration. My left leg when all jimmy legs on me and I very delicately slammed myself onto the pot. Nice. Apparently the new workout this week is working already.

I've made it through about 2 weeks of eating mostly healthy and walking almost every day. I also do some strength training about 4 times a week and I feel like an absolute goddess (ok one with very shaky legs today). Seriously people, start taking a multivitamin. Find out if you need to take iron pills (I'm always anemic) and eat a few more veggies and fruits. Walk a little bit. It SUCKS when you start, I can still hear the nutty bars calling....but it gets better all the time. I've not dropped much weight yet, but I feel ENERGETIC AS HELL. LOOKOUT WORLD! Only drawback I see is that I get entirely too excited about things like knitting and shopping as well. Um, a little bitty bit too much koigu was purchased this weekend.

I went to the Studio on Sunday before the Chiefs game (which sucked, but OMG how great was that hair-pulling tackle? Best part of the game for me. I think the part I liked the best was when we got not only tackled by the hair, but then picked back up by the hair afterwards!) ANYWAY I went for TWO things. #1. To get 2 more skeins of the Koigu I made my socks of doom star wars socks out of to make another pair for me. #2. To get some brown heavier weight sock yarn for Jeff (I found a Koigu kersti that should work.) but then ended up somehow these other 6 skeins jumped into my cart along with a novel and a few magazines. $150 was spent, WAY MORE than the budgeted $50 for yarn for the month. cripes.

Knitting tonight! Toto's Coffeehouse, 6915 Johnson Drive in Mission, KS. Just east of Metcalf on Johnson Drive next to Don Chilitos Mexican Restaurant. The Heartland Knitting Guild meets there on the 3rd Monday evening of the month. Tonight one of the ladies is putting on a demo to teach this COOL wavy stitch scarf/shawl pattern. If you're coming bring worsted weight yarn, sz 9-10 1/2 needles depending on the yarn, and I think they said 200 yds would be a scarf and between 300-500 for a shawl. I'm using some of the yarn that jumped itself into my basket at the Studio and am hoping it will be the perfect project for my best friend Jildo's shawl that I was supposed to have to her about 4 months ago. I've started and dumped at least 4 different shawls thinking it would work and none have felt right. I'm thinking this will be it. I LOVE the yarn, pics tomorrow I promise.

Guess what I'll be wearing tonight???? YES the simple knitted bodice! I'll have someone take a pic since I still haven't figured out my damn timer button. on the to-do list, no worries.

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