Thursday, October 05, 2006

Check out the water tower we saw on our trip

How cool is that? I can't remember the name of the little town this was in, maybe California MO? somewhere near there. The kids and I saw this on our way to & from Jefferson City MO for a wedding of one of my cousins last weekend. I just thought it was cool as hell. In the middle of rolling green hills, cows grazing, a big ol' eight-ball.

I can see the END of one of my sleeves. I am about ready to do the final edging on ONE sleeve and then have to start on the other. I just love the lace band on the sweater and the sleeves, it adds something really distinctive to the design of the Simple Knitted Bodice. LOVE that glampyre!

Workout update. I am a total idiot. I absolutely HATE walking on treadmills. Hate it. H.A.T.E. I.T. I have been forcing myself to walk/jog for 20 min's each day and want to get up to 45 mins. I'm constantly watching the timer count down each second, trying to read the captions on the stupid-ass shows they have on the tv's without losing my balance and falling off, getting all sweaty and generally quite pissy. This morning after walking the kids to school it was such a pretty day I took the long way home and had walked 20 minutes without even REALIZING it since it was a beautiful fall morning. DUH. Leaves changing, squirrels hopping from tree to tree, dogs playing in yards, what a beautiful thing. cripes. Hopefully this little brainstorm that I may actually LIKE walking/jogging OUTDOORS will help the ol' workout plan along.

I did the trainer workout and we're working on my core. Apparently I have no core. No, that's not true. There's something in there because it was shaking all dang workout. WOW. I was doing the plank thing, feeling pretty proud of myself because now I can make it 30 seconds without shaking like a 4th grade girl doing the bent arm hang (remember that in school, poor kids having to hang up on that damn bar with everyone watching while you shake like you're having a major seizure? Yeah, I was the girl that started shaking IMMEDIATELY upon hanging). Anyway, the trainer guy's like "wow, I've never seen anyone shake like THAT before while doing the plank. Are you ok?" I think I scared the poor boy. Ah well. One week of getting some form of exercise done and eating responsibly and I feel GREAT! Empowered even. Look out world, this chic is serious.

I made the world's best roast last night. Really. Best in the world. I always thought I didn't like roast. Apparently it was the 2 packets of lipton onion soup mix my mom always put in hers and then I always put in mine that I didn't like. I thought it was the rule of the roast or something. I cut up 4 big potatoes, 2 white onions and tossed them in the bottom of the crockpot. Then browned a HUGE 3 1/2 lb chuck roast with some good fat on it, patted in a butt-load of steak seasoning salt on all sides, put it on top of the taters. Poured in a can of Campbell's mushroom & garlic soup, one can of water and put it on high for 5 hours. I even took the juice and did the mix cold water and corn starch and then pour it into the juice in a pan and whisk to make non-lumpy gravy. AND IT WAS GOOD and NOT lumpy. Warmed up some green beans, served with a salad and it was a freaking feast. I ate a nice portion of all the good food and I'm telling you, that roast tasted GOOD!!!

BEST part of the trainer meeting thing? I get to EAT MORE and MORE OFTEN!!! woo hoo! OK, so I have to eat a lot more fruits and veggies and protein and calcium, but we found stuff that even a picky eater like ME can do! Chocolate milk (helloooooo Shatto milk) is my favorite addition to the whole eating healthy plan.

I realize most of you do serious cooking, but I'm still in the worshipping all things Rachel Ray stage of my cooking experience. She had a chicken wing chili recipe on her show this morning that looked to die for! I'm also using the joy of cooking book and taught myself how to boil eggs. Stop laughing. I had to look in a book to do that.

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