Tuesday, May 31, 2005

OH MY GOD I think I love this man

I'm not kidding. L-bomb word. seriously. I KNOW I haven't known him long. I know all that stuff. But still, the potential for something pretty cool is there. seriously. I'm wigging out, but decided WTF I'm not going to muck this up worrying about anything. We lived through the weekend. All children were present and accounted for at the breakdown of camp and I still want to spend time with the man. For those of you that KNOW me, you know I get mighty pissy and mighty tired of men quite easily, throw in the great outdoors, sweat, bugs and smelly stuff, I could be a royal pain in the ass and run for the hills before he would know what hit him. It's so NOT me. We decided we both are feeling more than we need to, and were both stressing over it as we have our little lives, we have kids, we don't need further complications, etc. We are just going to spend time together when we can, jump each other's bodies at any available opportunity (can I blame myself??? He's HOT and thoughtful!) and not worry about futures or any relationship crap and if we feel a little extra love for each other, that's not such a terrible thing. If we end up as little old people walking down the lane holding hands, that's ok and if not, that's ok too.

SO, we had a BLAST! Jeff & his 2 boys, me and my 2 munchkins and two of Jeff's good friends from high school and their families, a big-ass pontoon boat, a sea-doo jet ski thing, a NICE motor-home camper (that one friend, his wife & baby stayed in), a beat-to-heck pop-up camper (that the rest of us crammed into), and a pup-tent of love (where Jeff & I escaped for a bit of snuggling late at night), a TON of food, HUGE bonfires (filled with actual tree trunks, not measly pieces of wood here, no, too much testosterone in the air... it all made for a wonderful weekend! PLUS did I say they rigged an air-conditioner onto the top of the pop-up camper? THAT made for one nice long nap on Sat. afternoon! woo baby! We were close enough to the FLUSHING toilets (love that) but not too close if you know what I mean, and Lake Perry has some SERIOUSLY cool clean showers as well. MY kind of camping! I don't have any pics of me yet as no one there was comfortable with a digital camera, but there's a few highlights below. Click the mini's to see our fun!

I was quite the cutie with a new shorter hair-cut and a wardrobe from the Eddie Bauer Outlet mall sale (I looked like a chubbier version of their sale catalog) and my kids lived in their swimsuits and white t-shirts that may have to be burned as they are permanently BROWN from that clear lake water (sludge).

I even got some knitting done, much to the amusement of all the campers round about. The camp next-door called me "Grandma Moses" all weekend, but since a lot of them looked like the cast of deliverance, I thought that may have been a compliment. I decided to take some wool along and started the My Constant Companion from the Knitter's Stash book and actually got the bottom done and the sides started. This will be one BIG felted bag, so it may take me some time to complete! I'm also putting a BAD pic of the Tempting sweater on here, but it looks like CRAP as I'm trying to teach my daughter to take digital pics and we compromised by mom squatting down and Beth pushing the button while it sat on a dresser. It doesn't actually look that bad in person, but I've still not gotten the ribbon for it yet. If I wear it, I'll make Jeff take a pic of me or something.

OH, snoring update....no drool and I slept on my tummy with my mouth closed, so no snoring either! Our pop-up camper was rocking with snores of Jeff, his friend Mike and a couple of the kids, so I don't think mine would have been noticed. score!

My BAD pic of tempting sweater (please don't NOT make this sweater due to my pudge and lumpiness...it could be cute if knit to fit!)

Pics of our weekend:

A pic of the happy couple before the camping trip:

I do apologize for all the sappiness of the blog lately!

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