Friday, May 20, 2005

sweet stuff

OK, is this the sweetest thing you've ever heard or what????? Jeff and I saw each other this morning before dropping off kids and he gave me a paper bag. I said "what the heck is this?" and he said he knew I was running late, so he made me a breakfast pack. I had a little brown bag filled with fresh washed and sliced strawberries, a pack of applesauce, a little bottle of orange juice and a spoon. I got all that with a little kiss as well. OK, so all together now, "AAAAAAAWWWWWWWW!" I know, I know, I really like this guy! I will admit I'm a bit smitten. I called to thank him as NO ONE has ever made me any form of breakfast before, and it was just so thoughtful. He said it wasn't just being sweet, he figures he'll piss me off good someday and wants to have enough sweet stuff in there that I take that into consideration. I still think he's sweet. Plus, the strawberries were HEAVENLY, that perfect blend of sweet & tart.

I am ITCHING seriously to start on a new project, but am forcing myself to NOT PICK UP ANY yarn or needles until that tempting sweater is DONE. I've gotten 4 inches past the joining of sleeves, so I only have one inch left. I WILL finish it tonight and will take pictures. I promise to post even if it's so tight that the little back chub around the bra strap shows or if it falls to the ground ending up too big. Yes, I did check the gauge, NO I have NOT tried it on, so it will be an adventure.

When I finish, I'm thinking I need to felt something, or work on a shawl. Oh, I think I MAY sign up for a damn sock knitting class so I won't be held back on all those cute hat & other patterns that need dpn's. I saw on Vicky's blog that she called it a "sacrifice to the knitting gods" when she snapped a needle, so maybe my little burnfest of the dpns in the grill was a sacrifice. Yeah, that's it, a sacrifice.

We survived the pre-school graduation. 16 songs. SIXTEEN SONGS plus 6 speeches, cake and moving yarn tassels from the right to the left of cardboard hats. Very cute. I even did a bit of chit chat with the ex-wife of yummy man. That was interesting as well. Very polite, very very polite, but a touch icky nonetheless. One of the other moms was unknowingly my buffer as I kept her in the conversation so it was us three. I thanked her afterwards quietly and let her know JUST how helpful she was. Jeff said he was cool with it, but his face was pure white when he looked over and saw us talking. I did laugh a bit at him. Also, Joey's class and the class next door donated their change to his CF Walk for this Saturday. Those little buggers brought in over $100 worth of change to donate and I didn't know anything until they handed me the checks. I swear, this world may have some problems, but there is still a great deal of kindness out there.

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