Monday, May 23, 2005

hormones, hormones, everywhere

WOW, it's interesting working in a small office with mostly women. My lovely yet quite scary when PMS-ing co-worker has calmed down a bit this Monday. Good thing as my PMS-ing was kicking in as well and she was getting SCARY last Friday. I'm now moved from ready-to-cry-at-any-moment to MASSIVE chocolate cravings. MMMMMmmmmm. chocolate. Yes, while at Quick Trip for gas and the best diet coke in Olathe, I decided I NEEDED the king-sized Reese's Pnut butter cups. Needed. I did not inhale them immediately upon getting into the truck, no, I conscioulsy made myself wait until I picked up lunch and went back to the office and ate my little toasted subway sandwich. I lovingly set it out of the sun while in Subway, to protect it's fragile chocolatey goodness. I even turned two of the air conditioning vents directly onto the chocolate bar. I pull back into the dungeon's parking lot, looked over and realized I had tossed the TOASTED (aka hot as heck) sandwich DIRECTLY on top of the chocolate treat. PISSED ME OFF a tiny bit. My chocolate cravings were not to be denied. Did I do the smart thing and put it into the fridge? nope. I ate ALL FOUR cups. no, more like drank all four cups. They went from beyond melty but still resembling a round shape to pure thick liquid levels. I am sure even 5 minutes in refrigeration would have allowed the melted mess to solidify enough to actually be pulled from the ruffled edges of the thin paper, but no. I had to lick them clean immediately. I think I ate some of the paper in one instance and didn't really even care. I am feeling much better now. :)

Knitting news, I did get the 5" done on the yoke after joining the sleeves to the Tempting sweater, but being the organized lady that I am, had FAILED to realize I now need to do the yarn overs to make the little holes for the ribbon and THEN knit another 5 rounds. Someday soon I will finish this damn thing.....I am NOT letting myself start any other projects and I can hear them calling me at night.....listen carefully and you can hear yours could make a serious horror movie...all those UFO's calling from the bottom of the dresser, plastic tubs, dragging themselves along by their little wooden needles like wounded critters with broken legs.....KNIT US......KNIT US......

Man, it's a good thing I'm back on the pill. Without it I used to get REALLY looney when good ol' Aunt Flo came for a visit. You think my posts get nutty, you should see my dreams...good thing for little white pills of hormones!

We had a cute-as-a-button new girl start today in the part-time position. I sure hope she comes back tomorrow. She's been put into filing-hell, I think it was level 8 of Dante's Inferno. Our filing system is it's own little crazy land. When I started here, we'd have to look under "The XXXX XXXX Company" or "City of XXXX XXXX" instead of the actual names of our clients. The system was set up by a retired librarian. I'm thinking maybe the old biotch wasn't "retired" but "tossed out on her arse". It still cracks me up to find one of these, you have to actually search for THE xxxxx, and cannot find the client by its actual name. She's young and idealistic, so she probably doesn't yet realize just how strange it really is in our little parallel universe.

My yummy boy brought me chocolate bars and rubbed my back when I said I didn't feel well this weekend. We had a major playdate/kids running around in the sprinkler and water gun fight in my backyard and we got to sit up on the deck watching and laughing and every so often he'd go join in. He only squirted me a couple of times, so he got to live another day. He can also grill like a motherbugger, which is both manly and labor-saving for me, so I liked.

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