Friday, May 06, 2005

Lion Brands Ecards are pretty cool!

Have you seen this yet? I am loving the artwork on these pics! Click to see the Lion Brand's kniting ecards stuff:

A little more knitting yesterday, I don't think I'm EVER going to finish that damn sweater, it's my mission to start the sleeves this weekend.

We got Miss Amanda moved last night, well she still has some stuff to do today, but I think we made a major dent in things. The "big ugly" truck was packed to the hilt. I swear, is there anything sexier than a man that can pack a truck? I am going to HAVE to take a picture soon. It's hard to say, hey, we've only dated a few weeks, but I have these friends who want to see you and check you out so can I take your picture??? I'll work on having someone take one of the both of us. Might not be so weird that way! :)

I don't mean to get all sappy here, but I had the BEST night ever. ever. It was like a lot of details all came together and it was wonderful. We hung out as flirty-friend-type people, moved Amanda, did "normal stuff", we went to dinner at a dive Mexican restaurant and talked and talked and talked (I actually listened more than I talked, so I KNOW that means something), we went back to my house, sent my cousin home and watched tv, snuggled, and OH LORDY lets just say went exploring and then snuggled and snuggled and I ended up with a backrub that pretty much covered every sore muscle in my body. I also met his folks early in the evening as he had to drop off something at their house. They are very nice, normal people.

This weekend Jeff's got his boys, so he's doing Dad-stuff and I'm concentrating on Mom-stuff and knitting and all that. We are meeting at Home Depot for the kids' craft project Sat. late morning and both bringing the kids for a play date. I may have to head out to the casino and see if I still remember how to play poker or throw some dice. My cousin's apparently poor and/or hungry as he offered to come over and babysit Sat. night. Seeing as I don't get too many breaks with my ex living in NM, I take every chance I get to get out of the house!

Ladies, have a great weekend, enjoy the weather and happy knitting! I am at peace with the world and in the best warm fuzzy mood. I'm absolutely obnoxiously happy. NOT GOING TO JUMP INTO ANYTHING RELATIONSHIPWISE, but am SO enjoying the day-to-day little happy things. the birds are singing...the sun is shining...the Knitting Virgin's gettin' good lovin'....all is well.

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