Friday, May 13, 2005


WARNING, this post is a bit of a LONG schitzophrenic rant of what's buzzing around in my head...

How much do I love these women???? Not only do they have a BIG store full of yummy yummy yarn and patterns galore, they're CLOSE to everything in the southern part of the city, but they are helping raise money to fight cystic fibrosis. They are hosting the $1 donation cards for our TEAM JOEY CF walk and EVEN put it in their newsletter emailed out to clients!!!! YEAH FOR THE YARN STORE!!! Here's the Yarn Store's latest newsletter and here's their Spring Class Schedule.

So far our little TEAM JOEY has raised $952 for our big Great Strides walk on May 21, 2005 at Shawnee Mission Park Shelter #8 in Shawnee, Kansas. It's SO MUCH FUN and really does help. A lot of the medicine that helps keep my little guy healthy was only approved in the last few years, so I feel this $$ donations really work! Thank you to all who are helping out! If you'd like to donate, feel free to join our team!

Absolutely NO knitting news whatsoever, other than realizing I will AGAIN not be able to get to knit club next Wed. as Joey's graduating from Pre-K. Yes, I know he's 5 1/2 years old and this is a silly little thing, but the other parents there do NOT accept or share this opinion. This is a MAJOR dress-up, 2 1/2 hour stage production complete with little blue hats, TONS of cameras and family members crammed into an auditorium, tears, hysterics and cake. I showed up for my daughter's graduation from this place a couple of years ago wearing jeans and a sweater set and was SO out of place as the rest of the world was in suits, furs, and *gasp* PANTYHOSE (yes I know it's like 90 degrees outside, but apparently when you've got fur coats you wear them to these things). It was like a college function. freaky. The kids have fun, the parents are a bit over the edge, all in all it's a GREAT people watching event. This year also has the added bonus of having my new man of interest AND his ex-wife there as well. Could the night BE any weirder? yes, yes, it could.

Mr. Rumsfeld proposes closing 100 military institutions including 30 major bases and cutting 29,000 military and civilian jobs to save $50 billion over the next 20 years. Call me crazy, but how about if we quit invading other countries and spending money we don't have and lives we can't afford to lose instead of cutting jobs????? Just my little opinion.

What am I doing on Saturday, June 25th? Why, petting baby calves, going on a hayride, playing games and winning drawings at the FREE Family Day on the Farm at my FAVORITE local milk producing family farm, the Shatto Milk Company in Cameron, MO, just north of KC off I-35. OH MY GOD I love their chocolate milk. The knitting virgin admits to a BIT of an addiction to the 2% choc. stuff. LIKE HEAVEN. OK, how cool is this place? They have a Moosletter with more details. Talk about creative people, check out pg 3 for details on the family fun event and also their Bovine Employee of the Month. I cracked up reading that. Yes, I am a dork. No, I don't care and YES I'm going to pet a baby calf.

OK, the BEST part of my day so far is seeing that I had a comment from Pope Joe. Check it out: What a good little Catholic girl am I!

Miss Susie, thanks for the ideas on surviving the camping! I LIVE in my Elizabeth Arden Red Door perfume, so thanks for the reminder that perfume is OFF LIMITS outdoors. I'll be radiating the smell of Bug Spray. oooh baby. Vicki, I'll email you and see if we can't say HOWDY some time during the big weekend!

Dungeon update, we may or may not be replacing the part-time position recently vacated by CRAZY LADY. I may or may not go entirely insane down here drowning in paperwork and pencil-through-the-eye frustration. I have learned NOT to ask for things, though. It took me long enough. Now I've scheduled my vacation time to take the kids to FL to see Will & Raegan in June and have heard so SO so many little comments about how hard it is to have time off one has said ok, but no one has said no. I bought the tickets and WILL be on the plane one way or another, so it's just work as usual again. It used to drive me crazy not having approval for things I wanted to do. Now I guess I just do them. I get my work done (ok, not so much lately, as I'm drowning in detail-land) keep my mouth shut (YES I can do that occasionally) and run for the sunshine at the end of my days.

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