Monday, May 09, 2005

I'm so boring when I'm happy.

I haven't even had any good old fashioned hissy fits/rants lately. Ah well.

I had a WONDERFUL weekend, happy Mother's Day to all you momma's out there. I made a HAUL this year. Seriously. The day began with the ceremonial "mom is staying in bed until 9am" accompanied by the ceremonial "threat of a butt-whoopin' if mom is disturbed one more time before 9am". We ended up opening a ton of presents in my bed at 9:01am with the kids so excited and bouncing around that all hope of rest was dashed. Beth had made this beautiful detailed bird sitting on a nest with 2 eggs in it out of clay for me and Joey had made one of those neat tissue-paper pieces painted over with glue on a jar for a vase and the COOLEST little notecards he'd painted in school. My folks had gone overboard with goodies for the kids to give me so I also ended up with "the worlds softest socks" which REALLY are for hanging out in the house and a natural sunlight lamp for my little corner office in the bedroom. It should be SO GREAT for seeing true colors on cross stitching and for knitting too.

We planted petunias along the sidewalk for my mom's present and the kids made cool planters at Home Depot Sat. am for her also and were very proud of all their work.

Friday night was Beth's school carnival where the highlight for my kids is getting their hair spray painted in wild colors. Beth's has mostly washed out, the tub was ringed with pink & purple and was a PAIN to scrub out, but she just has a touch of pink highlighting remaining, it actually looks pretty cool. Joey, on the other hand, with his short spiky hair, shows a lot of scalp and it is STILL stained with a red stripe down the middle and blue & green on the other sides of his head. I washed and washed and finally just gave up. He also decided that just because it's going to be upper 70's low 80's today, he's wearing his own favorite outfit anyway. He took off what I'd set out and showed up ready to go in his KC Chiefs sweatsuit from 2 years ago. Ratty threadbare sweatshirt & sweatpants with belly showing, ankles and wrists hanging out along with the funky hair, yes, he's my little white-trash boy today. I figured I'd pick my battles and just packed some shorts and a tshirt if he gets too hot. Stylin.

I am FINALLY ready to start on the sleeves for my Tempting sweater, am getting quite tired of the dang thing, so would like it DONE please. I have normally been more of an instant-gratification kind of knitter, but am starting to enjoy the process as much as the finished result. It is comforting and soothing to my frazzled mind to pick up the needles and just knit knit knit when I have a few spare minutes. Maybe I'm growing as a knitter. Probably not.

We're back to 3 at work again. Local owner, the asst, and me. The lady we hired for the part-time position turned out to be such a lulu that she made Loonie Leslie look normal. (or whatever her dang name was, I could never remember anything except "Loonie"--you remember, the one who sat on the heating pad every day and talked to the ceiling tiles???) WOW it was like that movie Groundhog day. Every day it was a brand new employee with NO FREAKING IDEA of what you'd taught her the day before (which was the SAME DAMN THING you taught the day before that). She couldn't even answer the phone and it doesn't even ring very often. I think the conference room conversation where she was let go was one of the strangest situations I've been in, and I have found myself in some strage situations in my life. hard to imagine, but true.

That's all, I'm still all aglow and happy and crap like that.

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