Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tempting sweater is DONE and it FITS!!!! well pretty-much

I finally was ready to take a pic last night at about midnight and my dang battery on the camera was dead. It's charging now, and I promise to post a pic tonight! I finally FINALLY finished that dang sweater and it is quite cute too! I bound off pretty loosely as everything else I normally bind off so tight it mucks everything up, but this one is a bit loose around the top. I think once I get the ribbon in around the little yo holes I'll be just cute as heck! YEAH FOR ME!!!! Ok, so I'm not totally done, I still need to sew in all the loose ends and tails. It also has 2 twisted stitches and a purl where a knit should be, but I don't freaking CARE. I'm loving it. I also am going to have to wash the dang thing before I wear it (I HATE that even though I know I should) as the yarn is smelling a bit icky. I think I'm picking up hints of the animal that cashmere came from in the cotton/cashmere blend. I probably shouldn't have been leaving it in its plastic yarn shop bag in the hot car each day, huh? Ah well. I'm going to pick up some wool wash and get it smelling better today and I may even wear it out Wed. night!

YES, I'm heading out Wed. night, NO I can't make it to knit club AGAIN......cripes. Hien (my friend Lili's hubby) is graduating from grad school Wed night, so I'm heading over to celebrate with the gang. I may take Jeff along to see what the girls think of him.

NOW I get to decide what I want to start next......ooooh of course I don't want to do something from the stash, no, that's not a real reward, I want NEW YARN!!!!! I have to go shopping for my secret pal anyway, so maybe something will jump out at me from the LYS!

I'm going to sign up for the toe up sock class at the Yarn Shop and More taught by TJStein! This lady can KNIT! WOO HOO baby, I'm crossing over to the dark side, can't you just hear the cash register ringing as my addiction to those pretty sock yarns is just beginning????? That's to say as long as I survive those dang short dpns... Anyone else in the KC area want to take it too?

Note to drivers in the industrial district of Olathe, KS: You may only drive 12 miles BELOW the speed limit if you are a school bus driver, a very old person or if your car is held together by duct tape and wire. Otherwise you need to get the HECK out of my way please. I am not a candidate for road rage, but I have been getting a bit pissy lately during my afternoon commute. My version of road rage is stewing and fuming and giving very dirty looks at the back of your vehicle. I have to down this curving long road with double yellow lines and lots of rr crossings before I get onto the highway. I am not a patient person. Avoid my evil eye and get the HELL out of my way. please.

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