Wednesday, May 18, 2005

HOORAY for the Olathe Kansas Police!

We had us a bit of excitement down here this morning. Olathe Police stop bank robbery suspect and save hostages

Way to go Olathe Police! Not too long ago the Leawood Police stopped a bank robbery suspect in the car right outside the bank by one of the policemen jumping into the moving car and pulling the guy out as he was dragged alongside. We make jokes about the police around here normally having nothing better to do than give tickets, but these men & women are ON TOP OF THINGS! Thanks for keeping us all safe!

Joey has his preschool graduation tonight, let the show begin. WOW these people need to get a life, as it's a larger production than most people experience with high school graduations. Ah well, should be fun. (Plus Jeff's ex-wife will be in attendance, that has to make for an interesting evening of people-watching!)

That damn sweater is only about 3 inches from completion, I'm on the final few rounds of the yoke. I was actually hoping to have it done in time to wear tonight, but that ship has sailed.

On the camping scene (Memorial Day weekend) apparently Jeff realized I was not the only nutty woman concerned with wearing shorts and/or a bathing suit in public. He said his friend Mike was complaining about "these damn women" as his wife was saying "I am NOT wearing a swimsuit!" and the other wives/gf's were doing the same thing and all the men were shaking their heads drinking their beer while talking about fixing up the motors on the boats they've got. I think this scene has been repeated since the dawn of time. Very Tim-the-tool-man-Taylor meets the Men are from Mars, women from Venus kind of thing. cracked me up. I am actually bringing a swimsuit, but also some cut-off shorts to help hide the cellulite. :)

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