Tuesday, May 10, 2005

We're all so proud...

Joey has learned to burp on demand. He is quite proud of himself. It is getting WAY beyond annoying, but I'm trying to pick my battles. No burping at the table or in the car with mom. Other than that, pretty much it's Burpfest 2005.

Beth's getting excited about her first soap box derby race, she and my dad put flame racing stripes down the side of the car and little flame decals behind each wheel. She was out there polishing it until it shined. We have practice Thursday and Friday evening and the race is ALL day Sat. & Sunday. We have to be out at the track by 7:15am both days. ugh. Being a mom sure comes with a LOT of early mornings, doesn't it?? The cool news is NASCAR is now a sponsor of soap box racing, so we get to have a race in August at Kansas Speedway. Very cool. Somehow I never pictured my little red-headed all things pink/purple and fluffy girl as a nascar racer chic. I told her we'd find some nascar removable tatoos or something for her, Joey and my arms so we'll look the part.

I'm FINALLY ready to start on the sleeves of the Tempting sweater but I have to go buy double-pointed sz 8 needles first, so I've got to get to the LYS. BORING BORING BORING knitting posts lately, sorry! Not much excitement goes into this one. It's beginning to actually resemble a garmet, so that's good.

Still talking with Jeff each day. Still loving that, but it's funny. As a divorced woman dating a divorced man, you can't help but try to figure out what's wrong with the other person. That naive "he's perfect" way of thinking died long ago in us old divorced women. Now it's "what's wrong with this one" and determining if the faults are things you can live with or not. It sounds pretty morbid, but that's the way the world works. I've only seen kind & thoughtful & fun stuff. He's been on his good behavior so far. I'm not trying to pick him apart, don't worry, I'm just quietly observing.

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