Friday, May 27, 2005

Am I really going camping with a new boyfriend AND all our kids?????

Work goes on....Well, as Miss Amanda put it, I'm the last woman standing. The last of the originals. Still here. How sad. Cripes. Now we're back to the "we're fine....we're just fine....." over and over and over. I know I'm fine. I don't know how fine "we" are. Life goes on. So far, everyone's being nice to Miss L, which is good and the new chicadee is learning a lot very fast. work work work work work... Glad it's a 3 day weekend! woo hoo!

Now I have to decide what project to take on the big camping trip this weekend. I figured there could be a veritable invasion of pregnant moths, so no wool is going along. I need some ribbon yarn as I want to make the Ribbon Xback tank from Knitty. I still had some lion brand ribbon yarn left over from my incredible tank, so I swatched some up and it's just not going to work. I NEED to go buy yarn. Yup. Can't you just hear those threatening moths from Lake Perry already? I can. Nope, no existing yarn can be brought into the wilderness (I know it'll be a gravel parking lot with electric plug-ins at the campsite, but that's still wilderness to me). I must go buy new ribbon yarn. period.

In addition to yarn and a good ball-cap, every new-relationship-level Ms. Camper needs cute clothes, chocolate bars, marshmallows & graham crackers and BEER. Eddie Bauer's Outlet store at the great mall of the great plains in Olathe is having it's monster sale! Everything outside in the mall is 60% off and everything inside the store is 10-30% off. Let's just say I spent enough $$ that I should be the cutest little camper you ever saw. I got some CUTE shelf-bra tank tops for $7 each, a few sleeveless linen/cotton tops, shorts and other goodies. I already hit the liquor store, so my Michelob Ultra bottles are ready for putting into the cooler.

Now the only thing (besides bugs) I have to worry about is snoring. I even bought this spray from the drugstore. You can spray it in your throat and you're not supposed to snore. I was freaking out about this as I was told that I sometimes snore like a drunk truck driver. Miss Jildo was making me feel better about the whole snoring thing as last time she came to town she said I hardly made any noise at all. She said "Tina, don't worry, the worst I heard was once in a while you made a noise that lightly resembled a snore if you really used your imagination." I felt SO much better. AAAAhhhhh. Then, she said, "but what about drooling? Aren't you worried about waking up with a big pile of drool all over your pillow?" Thanks Jildo. Until now, I had NOT worried about that. Great. The plan is that we are all (Jeff & his 2 boys and me and my 2 munchkins) sleeping in a pop-up camper. Don't worry, his group on one side and mine on the other, no traumatizing the children with us two shacking up here, I do have SOME morals. But still, I would like the image of the sleeping me to be a peaceful, pretty little lady asleep, one that would make the man want to spend more time with me in the future, you know, the image of the princess asleep waiting for prince charming's first kiss....not one of a snoring drooling mess with funky hair, white trash trailer park queen. Everyone please think non-drooling, non-snoring thoughts for me!

Ok, this is totally inappropriate and not funny, but I just couldn't help it.....Remember the phrase "if you keep doing that, you'll go blind?" FDA probes blindness among Viagra users so so so inappropriate. sorry, couldn't help myself.

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