Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome to the Animal Freaking Planet

First, the knitting, then the animal stories.
Challenge Day #12
I was a bit of a slacker yesterday. Tossed on a wool felted bead bracelet. Not knit, but made by hand.

Wear Your Knits Challenge Day #13
Pattern: Sizzle by Wendy Bernard (2nd time for this knit)
Yarn: Classic Elite 100% mercerized cotton frogged from previous sweater. Purple (even though color looks blue here)
Knit: Just finished on Sunday!
Comments: Love this sweater, but forgot that the combo of a LOW neckline to begin with and the way 100% worsted weight cotton yarn grows and grows means I'm now VERY GLAD for the white denim jacket I'm wearing. I keep hearing "boom chicka wah wah" disco p0rno music in my head. Good thing I'm not well endowed or we'd be in trouble! Next time I knit this sweater, I'm SHORTENING the neckline. (At 2pm that neckline is at least 2-3 inches lower than the photo.)

OK, now the animal stories...
Seriously? Randy the Rat now has a friend. Meet Pluffy. She's the grey rat hiding in the shed with Randy. That husband of mine.....I swear. He is not allowed to go to that damned little petshop in Shawnee any more! I thought that was the worst of the animal issues at our house, but oh no. (Don't worry, Randy's actually a girl so there's two girl rats and no possibility of baby ratlings in the future.)

Apparently word got out in the animal world that we're a "rodent friendly" house. These two critters showed up last night, which caused all manner of "awwwwww"-ing and "can we keep it"-ing and GROANING (wanna guess who was saying which?)

The cute little mouse is a jumping FREAK of a critter that could jump FEET at a time, the kids and husband had more fun than you can imagine hunting him down. He showed up in our garage yesterday afternoon. The bunny was cornered in the garage and then OutdoorMan grabbed hold. Some discussions followed where it was decided that the rats would probably EAT either of these critters if put into their already too small cage and that NO, not even if that were an angora bunny, would I allow it to be trained as a pet to hop around the house.

I even pulled the "but the momma bunny would be sad without its baby bunny" card. That did the trick. I'm not proud. But I'd totally do it again. I have enough critters that eat and poop and cause mayhem in that small house already. The kids decided the bunny would live a much happier life hopping around eating fresh veggies from gardens than stuck in a cage. Outdoorsman pulled the "but it could get eaten by a hawk" tactic, but the kids weren't buying it. Life in the great outdoors combined with a happy mommy and baby bunny triumphed. After some petting, bunny was set free.

Kids took the jumping mouse up to the field next to the school and set it free. Outdoorsman sighed and went to play with his rats. I went and sewed the ends in on my Wear Your Knits Challenge Day #12 sweater. And made everyone wash their hands. twice.

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