Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wear Your Knits Day 3

Are you tired of photos of me yet? cripes almighty. It's only been 3 days? I'm gonna run out of cotton sweaters in a few more days and will have to get creative.

Pattern: Chickami from chicknits Bonne Marie
Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too Ty Dye Cotton
Knitted in 2007
Not worn often as it's too dang big. You can't really tell here, but I like my cotton summer sweaters to have a little negative ease as they G-R-O-W as you wear them. This baby is just a bit loose for my taste. I'm probably not going to wear it again unless I can shrink it down in a hot wash. It's 100% cotton, so there's a chance.

Riding in the elevator on the way back from lunch today a man said to me "Oh! You're the girl that..." Here I think I probably rolled my eyes and expected to hear "knits outside" or "crawls around in the grass taking pictures of yarn" or "is the Crazy Yarn Girl" or something yarn related as that's the usual talk of the building. What he said was "Oh! You're the girl that's always walking across the grass. You're the Nature Lover!" I choked on my tongue in a very unladylike snort/cough/burp noise and said WHAT?!? He said he works in the bottom floor and he and a guy he works with have decided that I'm quite the nature girl since I'm always walking or sitting in the grass and drive the big truck. wow.

I often forget that my office building, made entirely of dark glass, is actually ALL WINDOWS. Hence, the nickname Crazy Yarn Girl (overhead in elevators and when walking by the smokers' post in the parking lot due to my yarny photo shoots & knitting breaks out in the park next to the building). I walk across the grass because I'm L.A.Z.Y.! It's a big arse short-cut instead of walking all the way around the building on the sidewalk. If I'm wearing heels, I walk on this itty bitty cement edging about 5 inches wide, which is right next to the building.

I must be the only person in that entire building made of windows WITHOUT AN ACTUAL WINDOW of my own. It must be nice to sit there gazing out at those trees, birds, flowers and the building's resident knitter/nature lover.

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