Monday, May 10, 2010

Mango, baby! and "what not to wear" for knitters

Oh, I loves me some MANGO ORANGE hand made goodies! Please click on the Mango Treasury above and wander about in etsy. My orange handspun supercoils yarn was picked to be in the treasury, and there's some fabulous orangy mangoey stuff....the hand dyed silk wrap....ohhhhhhhh It's very hard to resist!

Wear Your Knits Day 6

Today's all about the orange. Mango treasury, Orange handknits--good and Orange Handknits--bad.

Day #6 of Wear Your Knits! is the Essential Tank from Wendy Barnard (yes, one of her knits AGAIN) in her book Custom Knits. I freaking LOVE this sweater and wear it almost once a week.
Yarn: 100% merino. I'm known for knitting a FEW merino wool sleeveless sweaters.
Knit: 2009

Old photo, yet another armpit angle. Worn with denim khaki's, leather jacket & cowgirl bootletts (slip ons that don't have heels, mules?). Left the orange cowgirl hat at home as that may be a titch much for Monday morning at the office. :) Cooler weather today sure made it much more comfy for the sleeveless merino sweater!

Have you seen Fit to Flatter? I'm LOVING the series! Stash Knit Repeat is doing a series of very detailed posts on how to pick sweaters and other knit wear to FLATTER you. I can't tell you how many times I've knit a sweater just because everyone else was knitting it, and it looked HORRID on me. All that time, effort and money wasted! I've done my share of frogging and reknitting, but seriously this lady is a genius. It's like the "what not to wear" for Knitters! It rocks. And it makes perfect sense!

As I was searching through old photos on flickr to find the orange tank, I happened on a few of my own versions of "what not to wear" disasters. And they happen to both be orange (imagine that). I thought you may enjoy a walk down my scary memory road.....

The handspun knitted toilet seat cover aka scary shalom. Lovely pattern, knit in the WRONG yarn for the WRONG body type. *shudder*

And my personal favorite hideous knit, the Leaky B00b Sweater. A fine example of when pooling goes bad.... wow.

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