Friday, May 07, 2010

Days 4 and 5 plus window watching

Day 4 Two-Toned Shrug from Stephanie Japel's book Fitted Knits, one of my ALL TIME favorite knitting books.
Yarn: Aurucania Natural Wool
Knit: 2007
I wear this baby ALL the time, I love it!

Day 5 Chickami by Chicknits Bonne Marie. Also worn ALL the time! Also a favorite designer and fabulous quick knit.
Yarn: Pima Cotton/Silk by Frog Tree
Knit: ? can't remember. It was knit pre-ravelry, so probably 2006?

Old photos as the camera's dead and the charger's packed ready for a weekend at the lake (hopefully). Any stalkers/robbers out there, we have my cousin staying at the house for the weekend, so I'm not announcing an empty house. Besides, unless you're a spinner or a knitter, we've not got crap for you!

Window watching is apparently quite the sport here at the office building. Being the only soul in this building without a window EVEN THOUGH we have THREE empty offices WITH big arse windows, (wow, bitter much?) I wouldn't know that there's a lot of activity going on outside these glass walls. Yesterday I was called into an office three times to see the show. Once was for the local family of deer passing through the woods at the edge of the parking lot. Once was for an adorable big fluffy dog romping about with his owner. The third was for a lady wandering about that had lost where she parked her car (and we have a very small parking lot). I wonder if she'll be called LCL (lost car lady)....

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