Saturday, May 15, 2010

The perfect combination of yarn and pattern

Wear Your Knits Challenge Day 10
Pattern: Chickami by Bonne Marie Burns
Yarn: Frog Tree Pima Cotton & Silk
Knitted: 2008 and worn ALL the time

This is the 3rd of my Chickami sweaters. The two I've knit with Frog Tree cotton & silk blend yarn are FABULOUS, they wear amazingly well, throw them in the wash, lay flat to dry, wear and wear and wear. They look great on their own or accessorized under a jacket for work. The one I knit out of 100% cotton looks like a big drapeless turd. (I wore it the other day, the tie dye striped tank.)

Note to self.....STEAM out the damn crease down the middle of your sweater BEFORE taking photos for blog. Ah well.

Here it is all jacketed up for work.

I'm currently knitting my daughter one out of light blue frog tree. I think I need at least 4 more of these puppies for myself as well. They're also knit in the round with NO seaming. Quick knit. Too bad I'm out of frog tree...

The view from my designing spot in my "craft room" (I somehow always end up on the floor). My camera was sitting on the table and had this in its view window. I thought it was a cool shot so took it. My "craft room" aka office is the dining room. You can see a bit of the china hutch which has china plus tons of ziplock bags full of handspun. I've even got little yarn cakes of hand dyed goodies sitting in each of the tea cups. I'll have to get photos if I'm ever in here before dark.

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