Saturday, July 01, 2006

I think I'm turning into a shawlaholic

Seriously. I'm packing for the trip to the Lake for the 4th weekend and I'm bringing THREE shawls, none of which is any longer than about 4 inches. I think I've got a problem. I hope to have SOMETHING to take photos of afterwards.

Happy 4th, hope you all get to go spend time with family & friends watching fireworks in the sky and hope my damn boyfriend doesn't blow himself or my child up. (I really REALLY hate the ones you set off yourself. I prefer things blowing up at a big distance to myself and those I love.) We went to Fireworks World in south KC. OH MY HOLY HELL this was the redneck center of the universe. Seriously. Over 50% of the women were over 300 lbs and many of them were wearing tube tops. I do not exaggerate. It was a trip! It's had all these ads on tv & radio about ALL KIDS RIDES FREE!!! The kids actually did have a blast. There was a dunk tank you could throw softballs at and the kids could get up and be dunked. I'm thinking something creepy is probably growing in that dark water, so my kid didn't get up there, but there were 2 boys happily going under over and over again while their parents shopped. Joey had a good time going down this slide set up on top of a mountain of hay bales and riding sleds. There were little old cars set up on a merry go round that some poor kid had to push around and around. There was free water and lemonade as it was about 100 degrees, some blown up jumping things, and the best part (one which I took a shine to after trying) was the "beat 'em up cars". They had two old cars with windows & windshields & mirrors removed, you put on a pair of big ol' safety goggles, picked up a sledgehammer and beat the hell out of them. I think I see where those crazy girlfriends on COPS shows go all nuts beating their cheating man's car. After the first tap or two I got the hang out of it and beat some serious frustration out on the side and hood of those cars. We left with a modest bag of boomers. Jeff has agreed to only do "the pretty ones" while we're at his lake place and save the more dangerous and violent ones for when we're at mom & dad's lake house.

Got to run, Happy 4th people! Happy knitting!

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