Thursday, July 20, 2006

the Knitting Virgin is much happier now

When momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. It's amazing how much prettier the flowers look when you get to stay INSIDE in the COOL AIR to look out at them. I'm sitting in 79 degree cool again, thank the stars above. Jeff was amazed that the big ice storm where we were without power for 14 days in the cold was no big deal for me (other than the thawing hornet/wasp invasion incident) and one night without air conditioning almost sent me over the edge. (I truly was millimeters from passing into total-psycho mode) I told him that's because when you're cold, you can always put on more blankets, sleeping bags, etc. and START A FREAKING FIRE, but when you're hot and miserable you can only get so nekkid and you're still freaking HOT. Above 90 degrees, my brain starts melting. Anyway, we're all much better now. The sad little air conditioner is limping along and we hope to make it through the rest of the summer with it. Last night I drove home from babysitting in a truck with AIR CONDITIONING to a house with AIR CONDITIONING and saw the outdoor temperature was 95 at 11:45pm.

I'm in the final stretch on the somewhat cowl. Last night I finished one sleeve and the neckline, so I'm one sleeve and a bunch of ends needing weaving in from completion. TOO excited! OH how I love my baby alpaca yarn, it's so unbelievably soft and glides through my fingers.

Jeff may have a job offer, CROSS YOUR FINGERS PEOPLE, but it's a job where he'd have to go to work every day. EVERY DAY. I know, I know, but he's gotten used to the whole office from home and work when you feel like it sales jobs so this one would be a tough adjustment. Some other guy at the company called to see if HR had contacted him yet, so it sounds like the offer's on its way. Jeff's got one more interview next week for a big ol' sales traveling job, so we'll have to see what happens. The steady every day job is a really good company, so I'm hoping the offer is a good one. MAN it's hard work getting a job! Again, thanks for all the good wishes and hope, it's been a long few months and the offers are getting slimmer and farther away. If he'd only move to the north, south, east or west of here, he could take his pick of jobs, but I'm thankful he's wanting to stick it out here in kc.

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