Thursday, July 06, 2006

the clap strikes again

WELL, after about 6 different attempts to find the perfect shawl for my best friend, I FINALLY figured it out. What is the most amazing, my most favoritest thing that I've ever made that wraps me in lusciousness and just happens to be the exact shape and weight and design that my friend needs? YES it's the clapotis! Also one of my favorite things TO knit, it's the perfect shawl! Now I've got to find the yarn and I'm gonna get going! I'm entirely too excited by this discovery! I feel all misty like I'm visiting an old friend. Making an old friend for a new friend....damn I shouldn't be allowed to write anything before 8am. It's not a good thing.

ANOTHER thing that's got me all aflutter is EVERYONE'S got their new issues out NOW! KNITTY has its new Summer issue out and have you SEEN the cute little glovelets on the cover? OH baby I'm gonna be making them! Crochet Me has its summer issue out and have you seen the cute t-shirt on their cover? Very cool! I don't think I'll be jumping in yet on that crocheting string thing, but I am loving the idea of modifying a tshirt with crocheted edges like that. AND MagKnits has its July issue up as well. Go out and wander, inspire yourself!

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