Monday, July 24, 2006

It's in the 80's wooooooo hooooo!!!

SO, the big ol' nasty heat has broken for a few days. It's actually LOVELY outside. I went outdoors this am and ALMOST GOT A CHILL. unreal. I was feeling bad after complaining of being without air conditioning for a day and then watched the news and saw hundreds of thousands of people still without power or air in St. Louis after the heat and storms last week. I felt about this big *holding out fingers*. *sigh* good luck to them. I think I'll take the kids on a bike ride to the library this am before it gets hot and nasty this afternoon.

I did almost no knitting this weekend and it is driving me CRAZY!!!! We had a great family weekend, hanging around at the house, working on projects, doing laundry, bike riding, etc. My cousin took my children for the night, BLESS HER and her brave hubby!!! Sat. night Jeff & I went out for dinner at a very good and not expensive mexican restaurant called Mi Conchita on 95th St. just west of I-35 and had EXCELLENT food and hand-made GOOD margaritas and then went to Jerry's Bait shop (dive bar in Lenexa, KS) and had some beers and listened to some live music. It was a very nice night!

I'm only about 2 inches of ribbing on one sleeve away from FINISHING my somewhat cowl sweater and I can't stand it! I have to WORK and FEED CHILDREN and things like that which are REALLY cramping my knitting style and I'm gonna find a way to finish the damn thing TODAY!!!! Pictures promised and everything. Last night I was going to spend some time knitting, but we had Jeff's sister & hubby & little kids over for dinner and by the time I got everything cleaned up and kids put to bed it was almost 10pm. Jeff had to get up at 6:30am this am to go tour 2 plants he gets to choose from if he takes the JOB OFFER he was given. I was trying to be "supportive woman" and so I very sweetly turned off the lights and went to bed with my man at 10:15pm so we could get up early. OH OH OH my knitting was calling me last night!!!

What was that, a JOB OFFER?????!!!!!????? YES!!!! Actually he gets to choose between 2 locations to be a lab manager for one of 2 plants. It was a VERY good salary offered and a great company, good benefits, etc....... all is great......except the boy would have to go to work every day. every. day. and at 7am. and it's at least a 40 min drive to either plant. (I know the rest of the world works every day M-F or worse but my boy has been in SALES where you can work whenever you dang please and worked from home and actually didn't work but 25-30 hrs a week if that, so this is a major change for him). He still has one more job interview this Thurs. for a sales position but I'm really hoping he does the manager thing as it's SO much more stable than sales and it's such a good offer. Thanks for all the crossing of appendages people! It's been a long few months, finding a job is hard work around here!

Our Hawaiian vacation is finally becoming real. (My son was awarded a wish from the Children's Wish Foundation and we're going to Maui for a week) We leave in about 30 days!!! I'm thinking my silk lace shawl may NOT be done in time since it's still the 4 inches long it's been for the last 2 weeks, so now I'm on track to exercise and find the perfect portable project to take along on the trip... What a great excuse to go shopping, no?

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