Saturday, July 29, 2006

Serious Yarn Sale

OK Kansas City area knitters, 25% off of ALL YARN IN STOCK at the Studio Sun 30th and Mon 31st of July. ALL YARN IN STOCK and they have some serious KOIGU and MALABRIGO and a buttload of the cotton blend yarns I'm gonna have to get for whatever dang sweater/tank thing I decide to knit next!

Get yourself there. Spend some dollars. Have some fun.

The Studio
1121 W 47th St
Kansas City, MO
(816) 531-4466

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?????? OH I'm in love! Glampyre has outdone herself this time. UNBELIEVABLE! I've found my next obsession sweater!!! I'm not sure my pocketbook could survive the suggested silk yarns, I may have to do some serious substituting or some serious yarn dieting to get this stuff.

Editor's note added Sunday evening...
OK, So I went to the sale....and SAVED $65+. Do you know how much $$ you have to spend to save $65? Too much. I had entirely too much fun this afternoon. HOOOOO momma! Pictures later. I haven't even taken anything out of the big ol' bag. Big ol' crammed to the top bag. SO not only yarn is on sale, EVERYTHING they've got in the store is 25% off. EVERYFREAKINGTHING. needles, patterns, books, YARN, you name it, if it's there, it's on sale.

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