Monday, July 10, 2006

We got our Elizabeth back!

Well, the five weeks seemed to last forever! My daughter goes with her dad for the summer and it sure gets quiet around here with just Joey. We went to Salina, KS for a cousin's wedding and partied down at the Salina country club and the Holidome. Much swimming, drinking, dancing, ping-ponging, poker playing and eating was had by all. Good times, those family weddings. I am so lucky that I LOVE my family and all its parts!

Jim brought Elizabeth back Friday night to the holiday inn and we were VERY HAPPY! Then he opened his trunk and this stench of rotting fishparts hit us like a mack truck. I am NOT exaggerating here when I say ACTUAL BUGS flew out of the trunk. I don't know if I mentioned that the ex took my daughter and a new woman "friend" to Corpus Christi and South Padre Island about two weeks ago. Well, they picked up a huge ziplock bag of shells there. two weeks ago. Some of those shells still had critters living in them. two weeks ago. The "washed them off" aka rinsed once in gulf water. two weeks ago. Well, apparently those critters died and were rotting for two weeks in this same freaking bag. TWO WEEKS. I'm telling you, it was this HORRIBLE stench that you couldn't even be within 6 feet of this bag. THANK GAWD I brought my daughter an extra dress for the wedding and a change of clothes as I had to throw out the tote bag she brought her clothes back in as it reeked. I got a few trash bags and put everything inside to be washed and disinfected at home. cripes almighty.

I tried, I really REALLY tried to get those shells cleaned up. I went out and bought a cheapo foam cooler and a buncha bleach and had them soaking for two days and they STILL smelled horrendous. "We" decided to take a picture of the shells and throw them down the drain. OH it was bad. Funny part was it was a NEW CAR he stuck this stuff into.

My daughter and I wore our matching koigu foulard shawls at the wedding, it was absolutely cute. I probably won't get away with stuff like that much longer as she's so PRETEEN now. I'll make sure to upload a few pics in the next day or so.

I got a lot done on yet another shawl, (startitis strikes again) this one is EASY and I am using up some stash hand-dyed yarn, so it's not as bad as buying new yarn and then starting another shawl. really. it's not. I didn't bring my silk complicated lace shawl along as I knew I wouldn't get any untinterupted time to knit on it and I'd just end up frogging and getting all pissy.

I got my somewhat cowl back from Jeff's cousin's house where it's been stranded for TWO WEEKS. I cranked along on the bottom waist ribbing and have 1 of the 3 inches needed done now. I'm feeling much more soothed working on it and think this may have been part of my insatiable startitis lately. We'll see. The thing still needs the neckline and sleeves done, it's yummy.

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