Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Shawlitis part 2

SO, great 4th weekend was had by all! We spent part of the weekend with mom & dad & my brother Will & his wife Raegan from Florida and the other part with Jeff & his boys and just had a GREAT time! I continued in my shawl startitis addiction and knitted my ass off. Almost finished my 2nd foulard out of the blue koigu (the big one in the pic) until I ran out of yarn, have one half ball left here at home and should have it done within a few days! woo hoo! I decided the first one was too small for my best friend Jildo and she wanted more of a rectangular thing anyway, so I am going to have matching shawls for my daughter and I....all together now, AAAAWWWWWWWWW! sweet sweet sweet.

The blue & green & purple thing was supposed to be a lovely start on Jildo's shawl, the Wave & Shell shawl, but due to a not so great yarn choice (needs to be something lacier or ribbony or something) it now looks like part of one of my grandma's old afghans, not quite the look I was going for, so it'll be frogged soon. I had run out of knitting things, so I just kept on going fully knowing I'd be frogging it. How sad is that? It was actually quite pleasant to be knitting as we were bobbing along on the pontoon boat with Jeff & the boys all fishing and the cool breeze and sunset. Ah well.

Anyone notice the little TINY orange thing is a bit, um, SMALLER than the last time it was photographed? Anyone want to ask me how many times that damn shawl has been started, achieved at least 30+ rows and then frogged when it was too knotted up to be unknit stitch by stitch? Go ahead and ask me. GO AHEAD AND ASK ME!!!!! SIX TIMES. 1--2--3--4--5--SIX times. I think on the final time I finally learned something. This is NOT a pattern to do around children. or boyfriends. or neighbors. or FIREWORKS. I thought I really had it on the 5th time, and one got stuck in the metal rigged-up launching thing that Jeff created as a teenager and went BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM! In the middle of which I grabbed two small boys and my bag o' knitted lace and took off for the safety of the cabin. I didn't choose the bag over the 3rd boy, he'd already high-tailed down the hill and dove into the boat for cover. (I'm not THAT bad. I'm sure I would have grabbed him AND the knitting should I have needed to.) I did leave the boyfriend causing the ruckus to fend for himself. Anyway, I think this time I will make it. I need to only knit it when I'm totally by myself listening to bad tv or maybe a book on cd. Yeah, that'd be good. Then I can count out loud and not be interrupted.

Got to get back to work, I was supposed to be doing that HOURS ago...gotta run!

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