Tuesday, July 18, 2006

welcome to summer in kansas city

So, you know how I said the blower on my air conditioner in my truck went out last week? No real biggie, got it to the dealership yesterday, drove Jeff's truck when I needed to. Though it was 102 in the shade and humid as a motherbugger, I could just stay in my nice slightly cool house. (boyfriend was born on the sun and it's our compromise to keep the house between 79 and 80 degrees or he freezes and any higher and I get REALLY REALLY crabby. R.E.A.L.L.Y. crabby. it's not pretty) No biggie, right? just stay in our house. Yeah. That's the ticket.

So, for some unknown reason, I decide yesterday is the day to get back on the ol' exercise track (fall trip to Hawaii is one month closer and I'm only 3 pounds lighter) so I go work out, create more sweat than is humanly possible. Then I figure, wtf, why not load up the pickup truck at mom & dad's with more crap of the kids to load over to our house. why the heck not? More sweat. I lug it all in myself since Jeff's outside working in the ungodly heat laying carpet in our screened-in porch (I told you he was born on the sun). I somehow can't seem to get cool. I'm getting a bit crappy, even a bit bitchy though that is hard to imagine. So, by about 10pm I'm getting downright nasty. I finally take a cold shower and am STILL hot about 10 minutes after getting out. I stand directly on top of the floor air vent in the kitchen and realize the air blowing out is not cold. my heart almost stopped.

Yes, we have no airconditioning left. We test breakers, we pour cold water on top of the unbelievably HOT outdoor air unit. It starts chugging, but still no cold air. THANK GOD Jeff spoiled me and gave me a tiny window air unit for the office on the top floor (since he was tired of me being cranky and bitchy all the time when I worked up here.) He is a good good man. I lugged the kids upstairs and the three of us slept on the floor with that little air conditioner chugging its heart out all night long. Kids slept well, I'm working on about 2 hours sleep.

I sat on our bed with Jeff trying to relax and watch some tv. not only could he not touch me since the heat was unbearable, I couldn't even touch me. If my arm rested against my leg, it was HOT.... It was so hot I couldn't even bear to knit. THAT's hot. Now, I'm sure some of this truly was in my head at this point, as the house was only 84, but mental or not, I was miserable.

I lugged myself up to sleep on the floor between the two kids and curled between our two big desks and just laid there most of the night.

Jeff's already got a guy ready to come over and used the whole "house full of children" thing to get them over hopefully today. He is a good man. He also slept like a baby for the first time in months since we turned on the air. I think his body temperature is 102, not 98.6 like the rest of us. cripes almighty.

One neat thing, my daughter woke up early and I heard her turning pages. I looked up and she's going through about 4 of my knitting books. She picked out the one tank top out of the Hollywood Knits that was the reason I bought the book and said "Mom, I wanna make THIS!" How cool is that?

GOD I hate humidity. How did I ever survive childhood without air conditioning? I think that's why I'm occasionally scatterbrained. My good sense part of my brain cooked itself. Everyone cross your fingers that the air-conditioning man can do something soon!

****added note**** Thanks for all the offers of air conditioning! So far we're doing ok, with that little baby window unit cranking away and the kids are playing in the basement where it's still about 78. We're just avoiding the entire middle of the house for now. If it gets rough, we've got mom & dad's old basement apartment that I vacated to move here, so we should be ok. THANKS ladies!!

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