Monday, July 31, 2006

Frickin Errors

OK, I totally understand how a new knitting book could be published with glaring errors. I do. I understand. BUT I don't understand how there can be NO LIST of corrections out there. Dammit! I spent $21.95 on my Xmas giftcard at Barnes & Noble for Sexy Little Knits by Ashley Paige. I love the book. I even started the Blue Suede bikini (YES, A BIKINI DAMMIT) and was ripping and frogging and thinking and hurting my little head and getting quite pissy late into the night/morning. I thought to myself , "no worries love" (I must think with an English Accent when I get tired) "I'll just google it in the morning and get the corrections and be all shiny happy people again." WELL GUESS WHAT????? NO FREAKING list of corrections can be found. I'm running up against a bunch of corporate hoo hah trying to get an email or contact info for the designer or the publisher or anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I really want to make some of these designs, but am not sure enough of myself to see mistakes as I go.

See, my master plan was to:
A) Buy berroco suede on SALE at the Studio
B) Knit a bikini
C) Tell boyfriend about said bikini
which would then force myself into serious workout mode to get this bootie and thighs in beach mode (not normal people's idea of beach mode, just enough for myself that I don't embarass myself or get tossed back into the ocean by being mistaked for a beached whale, you know how it can be)

I'll probably bring the book along to beg for help from Teri and the other more talented knitters in the knit group and get suggestions from them.

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