Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You guys rock

Seriously, you guys are the best. Just typing out my freaked out feelings helped and then very nice emails and comments made me feel all shiny happy and loved. Can you tell I'm still on happy pills? Gotta love that percoset.

Turns out the "really big needle" wasn't what I should have been worried about. Doing the sonogram to verify where all the stuff was at showed that the little crap inside the cyst had gone through the wall of that cyst and was eating through another one "in an agressive manner." Nice. So, they did a little more deadening and made a little slice and took out both cysts and some tissue around them as well. It appears to be a fibrous growth, and I had one of these agressive bastards taken out of my other breast about 3 years ago. The dr. doesn't think it looks cancerous at all, but will send it off to pathology just in case. They left a tiny little clip inside to mark the area so if they have to go back in for any reason they'll know just where to go. I thought that was kind of cool. Like bionic boobs. That's what Wonder Woman needed to go with her bracelets, bullet fighting boobs! Pitchoooo! Pitchooo! Pitchooo! (sound effects from her cool bracelets, work with me people I'm hopped up on happy meds)

They didn't have to do any stitches, they used steri-strips and have me wrapped so tight around my ribs and chest that I have NO bumps whatsoever except for the weird one sticking out the lower left side of my left girl.

Jeff did a good job of taking care of my kids last night and went to pick up my pills. I relaxed on the bed against a bunch of pillows and COULDN'T EVEN KNIT because the wiggling of my left arm made things hurt! How much does that suck? One total evening to DO NOTHING but watch tv and knit and I couldn't even KNIT! Then Jeff got home and said it was going to be 2 HOURS before my pain meds would be ready. The local was wearing off and I was starting to HURT! Then I got all weepy because I couldn't go out and eat my guacamole and have my margaritas either. Super Jeff went out and brought back some of the GOOD taquila and mix and made me his own version of pain-killer, aka a very nice margarita with fresh lime juice and salt and everything. Then he went out and got me my pills and put me to bed. He is a good man. (yes, I know you're not supposed to mix alcohol and heavy drugs, I only had about half my margarita and then 2 hours later had my pills.)

I'm able to knit on my socks now and the achiness is much better today. Good thing I'm able to work from home. I've put in about an hour and a half and I'm gonna go take a nap and then work a little more. Seriously, thanks for the good thoughts. I could totally feel them as I was laying there on the table. This whole blogging/internet thing never ceases to amaze me. It's so rare to make friends later in life and to feel that you have all these people that care about you and that you care about and many you've not even met before. That rocks. (see? happy pills. No worries, sarcastic Christine will be back soon.)

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