Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hellooooooooooooo Humidity weird picture day

The scary thing isn't that I went out looking like this all day. The scary thing is that I thought I looked HOT. I left the house with fabulous hair. Not good hair, not flat hair, F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Hair. Then humidity happened. Yes, I went all over this damn town and I kept getting all these looks. I thought I was a hottie today, so I worked it. I flaunted and sasheyed a bit. I wiggled. I worked it. hard. I was rockin. Then I got home. Walked by a mirror and about dropped dead. The big, fluffly, bouncy amazingness that was my hair was now totally flat and frizzy with some freaky ass thing sticking out of the side of my head. It's like my bangs from the 80's returned but got stuck on the side of my head.

And, because dryer lint isn't flammable enough......here's what I pulled out of the vent this morning. Yes, those are MATCHSTICKS. A bunch more dropped way down into the dryer after I pulled out the old screen thing. The dryer is almost as old as I am and I expect it to just burst into flames any day now.

Our weekend was a bit wet. We had the CF Walk and TEAM JOEY raised some nice funds and wore obnoxiously bright yellow tie-dyed tshirts, but I have no pictures. They'll come later. GREAT morning. Afternoon was a birthday party for 2 cousins' kids and my uncle Paul. I love Uncle Paul, he's called me "Chris-Ann" with it sounding more like "chriZZZZAN". I LOVE that man. Then we loaded up all four kids and tents and steaks for the grill, wood for the fire, bikes, fishing poles and the like. Headed to Lake Perry outside Topeka. Had a GREAT time until about 10pm. Then the clouds and such started unloading and pretty much we had an entire night of WIND and lightning and rain rain rain and more storms circling around over and over. I had to PEE all damn night, listening to the pouring rain and wind didn't help at all. We were all soaked from drips and streams coming down, one tent blew clean away. (kids' play tent with no kids inside since they all slept with us). Our friends had snapped tent poles, ripped walls and such mud and water and lightning. I think I'm just now getting dry. We packed up camp (aka threw every damn thing we owned on the back of the trailer and shoved into the back of the truck at about 7am in massive lightning standing in water being drenched. I put a kid under a sleeping blanket one at a time and ran them to the trucks/cars and then we just got it all done. Then we drove through beginning floods back through Topeka and past Lawrence and got ourselves home. I did get 3 sock heels done though. Yes, three. You see, I can add. No problems there, I just can't FREAKING READ. My first little toe-up slipped stitch heel was done on about 20 fewer stitches than it needed. nice. Ah well. I frogged it and did it AGAIN after realizing, I'm an idiot. All knitting was done BEFORE the storms hit. I had to reprint my sock pattern when I got back home because mine was soaked clean through in the river that was out tent.

The funny thing was I was TOTALLY freaking out thinking there was going to be a tornado because these storms were SO intense. I kept hearing what sounded like a train in the calm before the storm, thinking it was the twister on its way to blow us right out of there. I was getting ready to wake up Jeff and grab some kids and run for the ditch (which was probably already under water anyway) and then I heard the train's whistle. (for non-midwesterners when you are in the calm between the storms and feel the massive pressure in the air and you hear what sounds like a large train coming at you, GET YOUR BUTT INTO THE BASEMENT because the tornado's on its way.) All well, what's life without a little drama?

OH, and the ticks. Don't forget the ticks. I had one behind a knee and one on my thigh. I didn't even scream. I just mildly freaked out and then grabbed the tweezers. Neither of my kids had any thank God. The only real drama? Jeff's youngest had a tick. um, let's just say it's where a little boy would least like to have a tick. Yes, poor boy had a tick on the dick. Sounds like a bad Dr. Seuss book. Gotta love camping. Even so, it was a really fun weekend.

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