Friday, May 04, 2007

What is it with me and these b00bs?

Seriously. For something so damn small, they're sure causing a lot of freaking problems. I did actually LEARN SOMETHING from the whole leaky nipple sweater. That's what makes this REALLY piss me off. Using hand-painted, variagated yarns is going to make me insane. I think that's why I knit the grey sleeveless turtleneck in a couple of days. NO THINKING NO WORRYING NO FREAKY B00B ISSUES. cripes.

I pulled out the chickami I'm working on with the ty-dy cotton yarn. I love this yarn, it's very pretty. I got out my other chickami and measured it next to this one in process. I calculated. I added. I thought. I decided where to start the purple band and screwed around with the yarn to get it to start where I THOUGHT would be just below the girls and go in a nice band across and then go back to squirly green/blue stuff. I fuxxed it up. nice. Now the band is directly BELOW the girls. I thought, ok, no worries, I can turn it around and make that the front and do another band of purple right on top of the other one, but then I'll have a band of green/blue through the center of my chest. nice. AND the front and back will be VERY DIFFERENT. I'm a little too anal for that.

So now here's my choices:

#1--> Frog back to below the purple, do another 2 inches of blue/green stuff, have the pretty purple band right where I want it to be.

#2--> Frog to the top of the purple band and make the purple band about twice as wide and finish with blue/green. This would be less frogging but would probably look a llittle strange.

#3--> Put it into the knitting time-out section at the bottom of the cedar chest next to the leaky nipple picovoli sweater. Not think about it. Not make the matching one for my daughter. Can you imagine how insane it will make me to try to figure this crap out TWICE?

#4--> Ignore the whole thing and not make any more damn sweaters out of funky yarn. Make all the freaky handpainted socks, scarves and shawls I want and never, ever, ever make a sweater out of the stuff again. Unless I find something really pretty.....

We're CAMPING in the mud this weekend. Dont cha wish you were going with? AND we have all 4 kids. Yes, we ARE stopping off at the liquor store for some Mike's Hard Limeades, why do you ask?

OH and more b00b issues...Got to go back on the 21st of May to get a small fibroid growth removed. It's growing INSIDE one of my usual goo-filled cysts. It's not concerning and not looking bad (no cancerous worries but they'll test it anyway). It's just growing pretty quick and they want to do it before I have to have surgery to get it removed. I said, ok sure, but if we don't use surgery and it's not liquid (they use a big needle and sonogram to suck out the big liquid cysts every so often), how exactly will you remove it? The doctor, and I swear, said "we use the really big needle." OK, now he said this while holding what I would call a really big ass needle in his hand since he was poking me at the time. Seriously, the thing is as big as his hand. I asked, "just how big of a needle are we talking about?" Apparently the overall contraption is the same big ass size as the current model, this one just has a bigger part that goes into me and chunks out the bad stuff and is hooked up to a vacuum. I know, too much information, sorry people. OWWWWWww They'll at least deaden the area. I'm thinking the little surgery I had before wasn't such a bad idea......happy drugs through an iv where you feel nice and tipsy and don't remember any of it, or numbing needles stuck into your chest and having to be there through the thing. ick. I know I'm lucky. I've had friends go through breast cancer. This is no biggie. At all. It's just when your DOCTOR calls something a really big needle, and it's getting stuck into a tender part of your body, it's not all that much fun.

Shouldn't I at least get to fill out an A-cup to make up for these issues?

Funniest thing I've ever seen combined with the coolest piece of big knitting ever created. You've got to scroll down and see the giant bird. Giant Glove. This link was sent around our local guild yahoo group. Unreal.

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