Friday, May 11, 2007

Yarn, yarn, everywhere

My hair is behaving itself much better the last few days, thank you for your sympathy. Now it's just flat all over or frizzy all over instead of that one part of my head going nuts. Life's just so exciting around here it's hard to keep up.

Remember the big ass yarn sale? Here's my haul, you can click it to see it bigger:

The bag on the top is 8 balls of burgandy/red rowan calmer and one ball of black that I'm going to use to make my boyfriend sweater. Yes, I know, I know. The curse. Well, I figure if my normal craziness hasn't driven the man away yet a knitted sweater will probably not do it either. Famous last words, huh? *sigh* I'm substituting this stuff for hemp yarn and going to make the cool mosaic manly sweater out of the No Sheep For You! book (can anyone else say that without shouting it like the soup nazi or is it just me?) Next to that is an Elsebeth Lavold book with some cute sweaters for the silky wool I've accumulated lately and a bag of stitch markers. I think I've bought 14 bags of those damn markers and still can never find one when I need it. Below that is seven, YES SEVEN skeins of the most prettiest sock yarn in the land. Andrea is a yarn dyer of such talent that I drool over her stuff. OK, I love my yarn too much for that, I drool in her general direction. The colors, the quality, the value of this yarn is unreal. Apparently I'm over my little hand-painted-variagated hissy fit, no? Can you blame me? How beautiful is that yarn? At the bottom of the pic is my STR sock club yarn, also luscious and fun with SILK in it. Can't wait to get this thing wound up and on some needles! 30% off all fibre is good for me. Knit Wit's rocks.

I've also had a frog party lately. I've got a policy in my frogginess. If a sweater is bad. really bad. nonwearable irritatingly annoyingly bad, it gets put into the bottom of a drawer for a while. It must be taken out, looked at, pulled, tweaked and thought about ways in which to save the sweater and then goes back into the drawer. I even force myself to wear it in public a time or two. If I still can't stand it then it gets frogged. I now knit sweaters that I want to wear. I TRY to pay attention as I'm knitting and realize a bad thing when it gets started and make adjustments or frog a partially completed item. This practice came after some really bad sweaters were knit in their entirety AND seamed AND ends woven in. Frog party before and afters. The patterns weren't the problem, the yarns weren't the problem, the KNITTER was the problem.

Top sweater was the somewhat cowl which I'll probably knit again but this time ACTUALLY TRY THE DAMN THING ON to determine how deep to make the armholes instead of holding it up against my body. The thing has armpits down to my waist and then I ran short on yarn so the whole cowl thing looked really funky too. The tank top is soleil from Knitty, which is a lovely knit but the wide straps on me is NOT a good look. Also I didn't do any measuring of myself to determine my own shaping but blindly followed the pattern so the waist shaping is totally not where my waist is and it's just not flattering at all. Bottom pic is actually NOT an ugly bikini, but the pieces of cleo, a backless halter from Knitty. This one just was me not using any common sense whatsoever. It's designed for ladies WITH a chest. Also to get gauge, I had to DOUBLE worsted weight cotton yarn. Doubled worsted weight cotton yarn made this thing weigh about 10 lbs and though cute in theory, on me it looked like death warmed over. I now probably have enough yarn to make two normal tanks out of this bright color.

Still with me on this long-ass post? wow. Now we've got photos of last night's 1st grade musical performance. woo hoo! I did enjoy the show immensely. Let me just say though, that ONE HOUR AND FIFTY FIVE MINUTES is a titch long to sit still and listen to 1st grade children sing and watch them dance. The cuteness was wearing a bit thin once we passed the hour and a half mark. It was impressive, Joey had 3 costume changes and sang a solo of the Lollipop song, danced in a charleston and also a fifties song as well. His step brothers were moaning and groaning and just thankful that Joey wasn't one of the boys who had to get kissed on the cheek by "GIRLS EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW" as a few songs ended with a peck on the cheek. Serious stuff for 7 yr olds. Here's a few shots...

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